Why Do I Gain Weight in My Upper Body Only?

weight gain: causes of gaining weight in upper body only 

There are several reasons behind gaining weight in different parts of the human body. The human body is built of several components, including carbohydrates, fats, protein, etc. When fats increase in a particular part of the body, it will “get fat” from that specific human body part. Moreover, humans get fat by building muscles too. 

Why do I gain weight in my upper body only?

The main reason for getting weight in the upper body only can be the storage of excessive water. The human body can retain water due to other factors like Sodium consumption, dehydration, and a lack of electrolytes. This will result in swelling up your stomach or abdomen, making you appear fat only in your upper body. 

Other factors of gaining weight in the upper body only or getting fat in your stomach are your lifestyle and daily routine. Moreover, stress is the primary reason for getting fat as it expands muscles causing weight in the upper part of the human body. Furthermore, the “2S” plays a significant role in making your belly look fat; 2s means sugar and stress. Besides, a person may get fat in a particular body area because of any medical issue, and hormonal changes also contribute to gaining weight in the upper body only. 

How to lose weight in the upper body only?

Losing weight in the upper body part is challenging for people with a low body mass index. Losing weight in a particular area of the human body is a myth. When you stick to losing weight, you will lose weight evenly throughout your whole body. Before telling you the procedure of losing weight in the upper body, remember that gaining a little weight is part of being human. 

You can lose weight in the upper body only in 3 ways: a healthy diet, daily workouts, and changing lifestyle. 

How to lose weight in the upper body only via a healthy diet?

You need to follow a healthy diet to make your belly fit. You should eat food with a low salt amount and focus more on eating food rich in fiber. If you are not consuming enough fiber, your stomach may expand because of gases created due to the lack of fiber in your meal. 

Besides, you need to ensure that you do not consume fast food or junk food and avoid fried, oily, and sugary food. You can eat more fruits in your snack time. Start drinking green tea or black coffee instead of tea or iced coffee. Drinking lukewarm water in the morning helps a lot in reducing weight in the upper body.

How to lose weight in the upper body only via a workout?

Workouts and daily exercise help in both gaining as well as losing weight. However, here you need to focus on losing weight via exercise. It would be best if you started from basic walking and light warm-up. According to a study, morning workouts are more beneficial to keep the human body fit. Some specific exercises help a lot to lose weight in the upper body only. For example, do Boat pose, Russian twists, Upward plank, Side planks. 

How to lose weight in the upper body only via changing lifestyle?

Changing or modifying your lifestyle will also contribute to losing weight in the upper body. For example, it would help if you started with waking up early in the morning. Afterward, try to drink 4-6L of water per day. Avoid taking the stress and quit smoking and drinking alcohol.


Gaining weight in humans is not specific to a particular body part. However, numerous people have complained that they are only getting fat in the upper body, which means they have belly fat. This can be genetic and other factors, including excessive stress, low nutrition junk food, poor sleeping patterns, irregular eating hours, and excessive alcohol. Furthermore, humans get fat firstly in the abdomen and then in their limbs and arms, losing weight in the reverse pattern. 

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