What to Do If Your Ear Piercing Is Infected?

Infected ear piercing

An ear-piercing means getting a hole through your earlobe or cartilage on your ear. An infected ear piercing seems reddish, warm, and painful. Besides, you might have blood or pus in your infected ear piercing. The pus may look white, green, or yellow. A new piercing is like an open wound, which takes several weeks to heal. Generally, it will take 2-3 weeks to heal. Meanwhile, if any germ or bacteria enter the wound, it will ultimately result in an infection in your ear piercing. 

What to do if your ear piercing is infected?

If your ear piercing gets infected, you must do any one of the following methods after consulting your doctor. 

  • Warm compresses can be applied to the infected earlobe or cartilage.
  • Infection of the earlobe can be treated by rinsing it with sterile saline.
  • I am applying antibiotic ointment to the affected area.
  • More severe infections are treated with oral antibiotics.

What are the old ear-piercing infection home remedies?

  • Wash your hands before touching your new and fresh ear piercing. 
  • Clean your piercing three times with saltwater. 
  • Do not apply alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or antibiotic ointments.
  • Do not remove the piercing before healing.
  • Remember to clean piercings on both sides of the earlobes. 
  • You can apply turmeric. 

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What is an infected ear piercing bump?

When your ear piercing gets infected, the bump will arise on or next to your ear piercing. It will be called a pustule or piercing blister. It looks like a pimple. There is no harm in treating this infection at home. Clean your ear with salty warm water and clean it carefully. In some cases, bristles go away and might return. 

What antibiotics treat an infected ear piercing?

The best antibiotics for treating auricular cartilage infections caused by piercings should be fluoroquinolones (which cover many Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus species). Furthermore, there is a bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa that causes disease from ear piercings, so you should take an antibiotic to fight it, such as Ciprofloxacin or Levofloxacin. 

How is a prolonged ear piercing infection last?

Well, the ear-piercing infection lasts for several weeks. But, commonly, it lasts for 2-3 weeks. So it is common to get some disease without daily care of your new and fresh pierced ear. 

What are the symptoms of ear piercing?

In starting days of your new ear piercing, some redness and pain are common. But if you want to know about the symptoms of infected ear piercing, you must check the below list of “signs of ear piercing.” 

  • The pain might be terrible, and you may get a fever too. 
  • Excessive redness around your ear. 
  • The area around your ear piercing will start swelling. 
  • Puss will be formed. 

What are the causes of infected ear piercing?

New ear piercing is like an open wound. If bacteria get in contact with your new ear piercing, your ear piercing will get infected. Here are some rare causes of infected ear piercing.

  • Piercing is done in an unclean environment or with unsterilized equipment.
  • Touch dirty hands to your ears
  • Earrings removed before healing the piercing 
  • Not taking care of the cleaning of your ear piercing
  • Make your ear piercing in contact with water. 

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