What Is Taking Up Space on My Hard Drive Windows 7

Windows 7: Why is my hard drive taking up so much space

Many of us face trouble with our window 7. But, we do not know what the problem is precise. The primary reason or concern is that our hard drive takes up so much space in windows 7.  “What is taking up space on my hard drive windows 7” is the most asked question by people. There can be several reasons for this discussed in the next paragraph. 

what is taking up space on my hard drive windows 7

your hard drive is filling up unexpectedly without a specific cause. Windows will slow down if the hard drive is a system disk and it is nearly complete. Find out what’s taking up space on your hard drive and then resolve the problem to free up disk space if you are experiencing this problem. 

Windows 7: How to find out what is taking up space on my hard drive

Follow these steps:

  • Windows Search can be accessed by pressing Win+F.
  • You can do this by clicking the mouse in the text box in the window’s upper-right corner.
  • Type size: gigantic, Do not follow gigantic with a period. Microsoft considers 128MB to be the threshold for gigantic files. To see files in the 1-to-16MB range, type size: huge; type size: large to see files between 16MB and 128MB.
  • You can sort the list by clicking on the right-click menu and selecting Sort By–Size.
  • Right-click again in the window if the files are sorted from smallest to largest and select Sort By —>Descending.
  • Examine the search results to find hefty files that can be deleted.
  • You should start with downloads over 1GB in size. Then, instead of having them consume a large amount of space on your PC’s hard drive, archive them and then delete them.
  • When your reign of destruction is over, close the Search Results window.

How to clean space on your hard drive windows7

7 ways to clean space on your hard drive windows7:

  • Delete junk files and unnecessarily large files 
  • Clean up temporary files with Disk Cleanup
  • Delete unused bloatware software
  • Files can be stored on another hard drive or the cloud to free up space
  • Connect an external hard drive to your computer and transfer apps, games, and programs
  • You should disable Hibernate
  • Install a larger hard drive or SSD

How to Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 7

  • Start by clicking Start.
  • Click on All Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools, then Disk Cleanup.
  • Choose Drive C from the drop-down menu.
  • Please click OK.
  • Your computer’s free space will be calculated when you run disk cleanup, which may take a few minutes.
  • When the calculation is complete, you will see a dialog box that looks like this:
  • Confirm that only the following checkboxes are checked:
  1. Downloaded Program Files
  2. Temporary Internet Files
  3. Recycle Bin
  4. Temporary Files
  • Then click OK.
  • If you choose to delete these files permanently, you will be asked: Are you sure you want to do this?
  • Click on Delete Files.
  • The disk cleanup will automatically delete the files and close them.

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