What Happened to Will on Forged in Fire?

Wil Wilis in forged in Fire

Forged in fire is a game or competition show or program which is broadcast on the history channel. It is an American show produced by Outpost Entertainment. In this game show, the winner gets $1000 and the “Forged in Fire Champion.” This is a series of episodes hosted by Wil Wilis. The performance is judged by three different judges, who are masters in weapon making. This game has completed seven seasons and is currently running 8th season. Unfortunately, Wil Wilis left the show hosting after the 7th season. 

What happened to Wil on forged in the fire?

Wil Wilis was the person who hosted “forged in fire” from 2015 to 2019. He had hosted the seven seasons of this show; however, he left the Forged in a fire in its 8th. This program shows bladesmiths who try to recreate historical weapons. In fire is forged, Wil is not only the ideal host; he also has some other responsibilities such as directing and guiding participants. He also gave them valuable advice. Wil Wils serves his duty of hosting in forged-in fire very nicely. He provided excellent guidance and advice to the players. Moreover, his smiling face and amiable behavior attract people and make the audience excited. 

Unfortunately, ahead of the 8th season, Wil Wilis left the show. He was replaced by another new host that is Grady Powell. The reason behind his departure is still unknown. 

What is Wil Wilis doing now?

Since Wil Wilis left the show “forged in fire,” no one has found him working somewhere else. However, he is searching for promising career opportunities, and until he finds an excellent opportunity for his career, he is living a family life. He, his wife, and his son, Flash, live happily and peacefully under the same roof. Wil Wilis also shares some pictures with his son and family on Instagram, which is actual evidence that Wil Wilis is spending a lot of quality time with his family. In these pictures, you will find him playing with his son. He also posts some images of fishing, eating, playing, reading books with his son. He is fulfilling his father’s duties very nicely. Recently, he had posted a picture of a car riding consent. 

Moreover, Wil Wilis also uses other platforms to people aware of mental health. Anyways, there is the possibility of Wil Wilis coming back; however, he has not said by himself yet. So, for now, fans can get more information and updates from Wil Wilis’s social media accounts. 

New host in a fire in forged in 2021

As we mentioned earlier, the old host- Wil Wilis, had left the show after the 8th season. That is why in Forged in Fire, the host was replaced by Grady Powell. He is a former U.S. Army Green Beret. He returned Wil Wilis in the new season of fire in the Forged. He is an American star and presenter. Grady Powell has a lot of qualities that are required to become a good host. He also has his family, but he is managing both his professional life and married life stable. He also has a sweet smile, and he helps the players to direct them. 

Has forged in fire canceled?

No, the Forged in Fire is not going to be canceled. Forged in Fire’s game show has completed its seven seasons and is still running its 8th season with a new host. There is no prediction or announcement related to its next season; that is season 9. However, networks do not want to shut down this game show, so there are more chances of Forged in the fire to be continued. Although there is no specific date or official announcement regarding this, fans are expecting its next season, too, with a lot of excitement and curiosity.  

People who used to watch the previous season of Forged in the fire are familiar with Wil Wilis. As the old host, Wil Wilis is replaced by a new host, Grady Powell. That is why many people were not able to enjoy the show at the beginning. Wil Wilis left the show for an unknown reason, and his fans expect his comeback. 

Forged in Fire season 9

Season 8 of Forged in Fire was released on November 18, 2020. As there is no official announcement regarding Forged in Fire season 9, making any prediction about it would not be a sensible thing. Currently, there is no information or news related to the re-start forged in Fire after season 8. However, according to personal perspective, this game show has earned a lot of popularity, and that is why the network would never like to shut down this game show, forged in fire. 

But still, saying anything about the coming of Forged in Fire, season 9 would not be correct as the release date pattern is quite difficult to understand. There was a gap of 6 months after season 1, which means season 2 was released after six months of season 1 of Forged in Fire. On the other side, season 7 was launched just after 24 days of season 6 of Forged in the fire. Despite the pandemic, season 8 was released after three months of season 67. In short, one can not make any prediction about the release date of Forged in Fire. 

The format of the show’s release date keeps on changing. Along with the structure, they’re a recent change in cast. The host is changed. The host, Wil Wilis, is replaced by the new host Grady Powell. Wil Wilis left the show for an unknown reason; that is why we cannot predict his comeback.


Forged in fire is a game show in which players have to re-create old or historical weapons. This show is broadcast on the History Channel. “Forged in the fire” was hosted by Wil Wilis in the first 7 seasons, but he left the show in the 8th season, which is still going on. 

In this article, you will get a detailed description of the old host, Wil Wilis, and the reason for leaving the show. Besides, you will also come to know about forged in fire, season 9. 

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