What Does the Purple Heart Mean?

What Does the Purple Heart Mean?

Whether you’re a veteran or just interested in learning more about this military decoration, there’s no doubt that the Purple Heart is an important symbol. Learn what it means and why we wear it in this blog post! One of the most important pieces of military equipment that America uses is the Purple Heart Medal. Traditionally, soldiers who were injured in battle would receive the medal for their sacrifice. However, is it safe to give up on tradition? Would this change make sense in today’s society?

What does the Purple Heart Mean?

The Purple Heart is awarded to members of the military who are awarded for their bravery in combat. However, its origin is unknown. The first recipient was Gen. George Washington, who received it for his victory at the Battle of Trenton. It is not an award for wounded, which is why some believe it should be called the Purple Badge of Courage instead of the Purple Heart.

How did the Purple Heart come about?

In 1932, a man by the name of George Kelsey was shot in the leg during an argument with some sailors. He later received a Purple Heart from President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a token of gratitude for his service and sacrifice. The original medal was created with a purple ribbon to symbolize the patriotism of those upholding democracy and military service.

Why did it become a symbol of courage?

The Purple Heart was first awarded in 1932 to two members of the New York 32nd Infantry who were wounded during combat operations in China. This award was given for their courage, heroism, and comradeship despite their wounds which are now associated with bravery. The purple heart now means that someone has lost a limb or had major surgery due to injury or disease.

What is a contemporary meaning of the Purple Heart today?

The Purple Heart was established in 1932 by President Herbert Hoover, and it has traditionally represented individual sacrifice for your country. It is awarded to U.S. military personnel who are wounded or killed in combat operations against an enemy force in the performance of their military duties.
The Purple Heart is still awarded today with the same criteria, but it also now represents valor above and beyond the call of duty, which reflects its transformation from a medal to a badge of courage with meaning.


The Purple Heart is a military decoration awarded to members of the United States armed forces who are wounded in combat.

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