What Does a Yellow Card Mean in Soccer?

What Does a Yellow Card Mean in Soccer

In soccer, a yellow card is when a player is given a warning by the referee. In most cases, it means that player is cautioned for unsportsmanlike conduct or dangerous play. While most people know what a yellow card means, there are some important things you should know about them before the next time you watch a game.

What does a yelllow card mean in Soccer

The yellow card in soccer is meant to act as a warning. On the field, referees will give out an official caution if they feel that there is any type of unsporting conduct taking place. The yellow card also comes with a two-minute suspension which will prevent the player from playing for the rest of the match.

What happens when you get a yellow card

When a player gets a yellow card, they will be shown with one on their uniform. The card will then stay there until the player gets a red card. When the player gets a red card, they will show up with two cards instead of just one.

Consequences of getting a yellow card

Receiving a yellow card in soccer means that the player will be shown the red card. A yellow card comes with three possible consequences: The player will be considered a “yellow card” when they have been booked twice in a match. In this case, that player must leave the field of play for ten minutes and then return after the restart. If they have been booked three times in a match, they will receive a straight red card from the referee.

How to avoid getting a yellow card in soccer

The referee will give a yellow card to one of the players if they do something that is considered unsportsmanlike. A player will get a yellow card for:

  • throwing an elbow
  • kicking an opponent with their foot
  • spitting on or into an opponent’s face
  • biting or striking an opponent


A yellow card is one of the most common cards in the game. It means that a player has committed a foul, they are sent off the field for ten minutes.

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