What Do You Need for a Stick and Poke

What do you Need for a Stick and Poke: Essential items Required for a Stick and Poke Tattoo.

Stick and poke is a type of tattooing. Stick and poke do not require any electrical device or tool for making tattoos. Using an electric machine for tattoos, ink is applied on the skin by hand with a needle. The needle is attached to a rod-like contraption. Look like a pencil and thread to create an analog tattoo machine.

The key to successful stick and poke tattooing is having the right equipment. When you have the right tools, creating stick and poke tattoos are becoming more accessible and more refined. You can create designs you want while reducing the chance of mistakes if you have the right tools and know-how to use them. 

A few companies today sell hand poke tattoo kits for very reasonable prices, allowing this art form to be more widely accessible than ever before. However, it is essential to choose a stick and poke tattoo kit that has the exact tools you need to create excellent designs, as with most other things.

Listed below are the essential tools you need to get started:

  • Hygiene equipment 

As you can get in a touch of infection when you start making any tattoo. You may also get blood-prone conditions if you do not take precautions for infections by adopting proper hygiene practices. Moreover, you should clean your workplace or surface after and before making a tattoo. You can do this with bleach, alcohol prep pads, or an antibacterial solution. There are also medical surface coverings available that can help you create a sterile work environment.

  • Sterlite tattoo needle: selection of tattoo needle. 

Tattoo needles are different from ordinary needles. They are built of numerous regular needles. That is why the size of tattoo needles varies, depending upon the size of needles they are composed of and how the ordinary or smaller needles are arranged to make one tattoo needle. The flow of the ink depends upon the size of a tattoo needle. The smaller needle will make narrow, thin lines, whereas the giant needle will make thicker lines. 

  • Tattoo ink 

When sticking and poking, it is essential to use a professional, pre-approved tattoo ink such as ‘Stick & Poke Tattoo Ink.’ In addition to reducing infection risks, the tattoo will also be more durable and of higher quality. Hand poke tattoos have traditionally been done with India Ink. Unfortunately, it can be almost as expensive as tattoo ink, aside from potentially causing infections or even fatal illnesses.

  • Ink cups

Ik cups are used as containers to hold ink while making tattoos. When ink is decanted from a giant bottle, it prevents cross-contamination and makes tattooing easier. Here at Single Needle, we include stand-alone ink cups in all our kits! These are premium ink cups that reduce the chance of spillage. 

  • Medical surface cover

The medical surface covering is essential to create Sterlite and hygienic environment. Surface dressings are made of a paper surface that absorbs fluids and a plastic base that prevents damage to the base. Every Single Needle Hand Poke Tattoo Kit contains all of these. 

  • Medical Exam Gloves

There are numerous options To protect hands during tattooing. You will see a variety of gloves. You may get infected if you choose the poor quality. You should select gloves like vinyl, latex, or powder-free nitrile gloves. These all options are reliable and convenient. 

  • Alcohol Preparation Pads

The area where you place your stick and poke should be sanitized; that is why you need Alcohol Preparation Pads. If you do not sanitize, you may get in contact with the infection. You will get in the single kit that is a “hand poke kit.”

  • Which Hazel Wipes 

These wipes are used to remove the extra ink after tattooing. These are some of the most critical parts of tapping, which need to be sanitized. If these wipes are not getting Sterlite, they will increase the risk of infecion. These wipes also help to calm and soothe the swelling. 

  • Fresh Disposable Razor

If the area of the skin is hairy, where you will make a tattoo, then it needs to shave that area. By doing this, there would be no chance of design interruption and risk of infection. But, again, make sure that razors should not be used before. 

  • Disposable Sharps Container

Needles must be thrown away in this manner. With it, you can dispose of your sharps safely and effectively, which is also compliant with EU legislation.