Weird Business Ideas that made People Rich

Everyone wants to earn huge money, and we all know big money comes after a lot of hard work and an elite business idea. But what if I tell you about some business ideas which were weird but made their owners rich. Here are weird business ideas that made people rich!

1. Million Dollar Homepage

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The weird idea came into the mind of Alex Tew, who wanted to fund his university fees back in 2005. His strange business idea was to create a 1000×1000 pixel grade consisting of million pixels. And then sell those 1 million pixels at a rate of $1 per pixel.

Many different companies and businesses purchased those pixels, in which if you click on one pixel, it will take to that pixel’s listed website. Alex made $10,37,000 through this weird business idea. He faced numerous highs and lows in his life. But in 2012, he launched the famous app ‘Calm.’

2. I Do, Now I Don’t

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This weird business idea was for people who got engaged but didn’t marry and called off the marriage. Joshua Opperman made the website after her fiancee left her and called off their wedding. He was left with an engagement ring which he purchased for $10,000. When he reached the jeweler to sell his ring, he just offered him just $3500,

This sparked the idea of ”I Do, Now I Don’t,” where people can sell their engagement rings, and needful can buy rings much better than the market. This weird business idea of Joshua made him appear on The Today Show, CNN, and many other TV shows.

3. Billy Bob Teeth Inc.

Image Source- Google | Image by – Billy Bob Teeth Inc

The idea of creating fake, weird-looking teeth came to mind of Jonah White when he saw a dental student having artificial teeth made by himself. White then started the company and sold more than 20 million units of fake, ached teeth.

The popularity of these teeth still thrives today. The business made him earn more than $50 million.

4. Flat D-Pads

Image Source- Google | Image by – Flat-D Innovations

Now you don’t have to control your farts because this business idea revolves around fart smells. We all think of something that can trap the smell of farts, but nobody made it a business idea until Brian Conant made it a reality.

The weird business idea help solves and cures many problems, including Flagellant, gastric bypass side effect odors, lactose intolerance, female vaginal odors, rectum odor, colon odor, and other anal odors. The business idea was weird, though, but it helped a lot of people with gastric issues.

5. Pet Butler

Image Source- Google | Image by – Pet Butler LLC

If you have a dog and take them for a walk, it is your responsibility to clear their poop. But many people don’t want to do it. So an idea clicked in the mind of Mathew Osborn. He listed the pet poop picking service on his website.

His business of cleaning dog poop is going on since 1988. He is now even offering pet sitting, dog walking, dog potty training. You can even open a franchise of the business if you can do the work.

6. Potato Parcel

Image Source- Google | Image by – Potato Parcel

Now you can send a personalized potato parcel to your friend or family at $14.99. The weird idea came into the mind of Alex Craig in 2015. He even featured on ”Shark Tank.” This business idea made him super-rich.

You can send a potato bundle, potato birthday card, potato live card. Most of us even can’t think of such a weird business idea, and even if we believe, we can’t imagine its huge success.

7. Pet Rock

Image Source: Wikipedia

The weird business idea involves selling a rock with a googly-looking face. Pet rock was introduced to the market in 1975. But it just went down a year later. Indeed it earned $2 Million to its creator.

For sure, it was so really a weird business idea that made its owner a millionaire.

8. Doggles

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What will be more interesting and weird than goggles for dogs? Roni Di Lullo invented Doggles, and the bizarre business idea earned his company millions.

The weird idea provides tilted goggles for eye protection of dogs. There is nothing extra in the goggles, but still, it can cost up to $30 a pair. Many weird ideas revolve around dogs like pet butlers and now doggles.

9. Wishbones ( Lucky Wishbone Company)

Image Source- Google | Image by – Lucky Break Wishbone Corporation

Wishbones are considered lucky in America, where people hold one small joint piece of animal bones and try to pull it from both sides. The person who got a more significant part of the bone is considered luckier.

The Lucky Wishbone company actually sells wishbones which are not real bones but made from plastic. Even if these are fake plastic bones, one wishbone is sold for $1 each. So the weird business idea made millions of dollars for the company.

10. Slinky

Image Source: Wikipedia

The pointless product was made by mistake. When Richard James, an army engineer, saw a tension spring slink away, the spring toy was made. The product earned him around $250 Million in sales. Although in later years, he faced a midlife crisis. But later, her wife sold the company for a huge amount.


Some weird business idea really worked off and took the creator too high in terms of money. Above mentioned business ideas are just a few to say, many others became successful, and many get flopped. So you can too think of a weird business idea, which can make you rich.

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