utah jazz rebuild plans

Plan A: Stay the course

When we say stay the course, we don’t mean it literally, unless the Jazz bring an NBA championship to Salt Lake City. Short of that seismic event, some changes  need to be made.

Depending on how the postseason goes, they may not have to drastic. If the Jazz fall short of their ultimate prize, a consensus that they need to acquire a 3-and-D wing is likely to re-emerge.

The team could look to move one or more of Jared Butler, Udoka Azubuike, Trent Forrest or the recently acquired Nickeil Alexander-Walker in pursuit of that archetype.

Plan B: trade Gobert

Nobody wants to trade the best rim protector in basketball. Here, we’re exploring situations that could occur if the Utah Jazz feel dissatisfied with their

2021-22 postseason performance. After so many years of that same outcome, the team may need to do something drastic.

Moving on from the 3x Defensive Player of the Year would surely qualify. This scenario only unfolds if Donovan Mitchell decides that he’s happy in Utah

Plan C: Keep Gobert

There’s only one world where Plan C is enacted. It’s not a world the Utah Jazz would like to consider, but it threatens to become a real one this offseason regardless.

If Donovan Mitchell demands a trade, the Jazz will have to acquise. Some observers will call to get value for Gobert in addition to moving Mitchell

It so happens that one of Mitchell’s potential suitors can offer them pretty good value for the star guard.

Plan D: Blow it up

You’ve got to know when to hold them, and know when to fold them. If the Utah Jazz are disappointing enough this offseason, they may have to do the latter

Plan C is intriguing, but it could be accused of being a half measure. Some may prefer for the Jazz to either go all-in, or pull all-out.

We’re not going to bother with hypothetical deals here. The Jazz could entertain the same deal from the Heat and also see if the Knicks are willing to offer