Black Bean Omelet

This omelet recipe also calls for 2 eggs per serving, which will give you around 7 grams of protein as well. When you also take into account that the feta cheese and avocado

Chicken Patty with Sun-dried Tomato Aioli

Chicken is among some of the highest meat-protein sources with about 23 grams of protein per every 4 ounces of chicken. If you want to boost your protein

Cauliflower Smoothie

This smoothie is simple and filling, and the combination of protein powder, peanut butter, almond milk, and chia seeds

Turkey, Cheddar, and Guacamole

Turkey is another protein-heavy choice of meat, and it's popular among those trying to lose weight because of how lean of a cut

Chicken Sausage and Sweet Potato

High-protein meal is helpful for boosting metabolism. This breakfast hash includes chicken, eggs, and sweet potatoes

Smoothie with Yogurt and Granola

This smoothie recipe is great for those who want a protein boost but are either plant-based, paleo, or both

Protein-Packed Waffles

These waffles are so easy to make that you'll be sad you haven't discovered them until now. With greek yogurt, oats, and protein powder

Healthy Tuna Veggie Melt

This brunch recipe also calls for chickpeas and Greek yogurt, both of which contain protein as well

Frizzled Eggs with Pork Sausage

If you're tired of chicken or turkey sausage, you may want to change it up with pork! Ground pork is high in protein as well