Top 8 Richest Criminal Organisations

You probably knew about drug lord Pablo Escobar and his vast business of drugs. You may also learn about how rich he was. At that time, he was the head of the wealthiest criminal organizations, all thanks to his drug business and crimes.

Criminal organizations and organized crime have been present for centuries, but modern criminal groups became more powerful in the late 70s. Today in almost every country, criminal organization, mafia or MOB exists.

The criminal organizations have gained some high ground and dominance from the Russian Mafia to Mexican Cartels to American Street Gangs. Most of these organizations make money from either selling drugs, financial crimes, violence, human trafficking. Since the internet and computer era, many criminal organizations make their money from cybercrimes.

Even though information about most criminal organizations and their finances is not available but the list we had made is on the grounds of estimated amounts, reported numbers of sales, and seizures.
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Top 8 Richest Criminal Organisations

1. Knights Templar Cartel

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This Mexican drug cartel was worth 13 million USD. Servando Martinz was the leader of the Knights Templar Cartel. This drug cartel made his money from exporting drugs, including methamphetamines and marijuana, into the USA’s different states.

This drug cartel used to export drugs through the Mexican-US border. Due to Martinez’s smartness, his drug cartel grew very big, avoiding Mexican police. Unfortunately, his drug cartel was also among the most dangerous, most notorious drug cartels of Mexico. Their business also included murder and trafficking.

In 2014, seized properties worth 14 Million USD from different locations of their work operation. In 2015 Martinez was arrested by Mexican police because of a cake sent by her girlfriend. It exposed Martinez to the police, which was keeping an eye on his girlfriend.

2. Laz Zetas

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This Mexican criminal organization worth 8.75 billion USD. This organization was responsible for killing thousands of people and violence in drug wars and turf wars with other criminal organizations. The leader of this group once said that he didn’t kill people because he had to, but he killed people because he enjoyed it.

Zetas’s victims were found hanging under bridges or in mass shallow graves.
This drug cartel was involved in violence with other criminal organizations, including Knight Templar Cartel. Gulg and Sinoloa.

3. Gulf Cartel

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The cartel, which is among the oldest cartels in Mexico, had an estimated 9 Billion USD. Their business was drug trafficking, and they used to do business in Mexico mainly. But the cartels also trafficked drugs into the USA and Europe.

They were not just involved in the Drug business; they also committed some high-profile murders and kidnappings. The cartel is also famous for its street violence.
Although most of their leaders are in jails, they are still in business and carrying on trafficking through their old routes. This drug cartel is among the five most powerful cartels in the world.

4. Medellin Cartel

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The exact net worth of this drug cartel is known, but with the estimate, it can be around 14.3 Billion USD. The reason behind its high net worth and success was its Boss- Pablo Escobar.

He came to the cartel as just a middleman, and according to rumors, he brought 420 Million USD. However, due to his capability to commit any crime, he reached the high ranks quickly. Also, he became lord of the cartel after murdering the kingpin. About 80% of Cocaine produced in the world comes from Medellin Cartel in the world of drugs.

This cartel used to spend $2500 to buy rubber bands to wrap stacks of money. They use different kinds of transportation, including trucks, jets, boats, and submarines. Members of the cartel lived extraordinary lives with all sorts of rich amenities.

5. Triad

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Triad is an organized crime organization based in China. Although they are based in China, they have many posts in other countries with a significant Chinese population. Triad mainly works in drugs, racketeering, and human trafficking.

Triad’s lower rank members can work o their own and has more freedom. However, their high-level members are highly skilled and killers. They have members as young as 13 years old. The drug cartel has an estimated net worth of 16.9 Billion Dollars.

6. The Russian Mafia

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The world-famous Russian mafia is among one of the most powerful crime organizations. They have an estimated net worth of 19 Billion Dollars. The Russian mafia consists of 6000 different subgroups, making their members up 3 million.

The Russian mafia has members in even Parliament and political parties. The top dogs of the group live lavish lifestyles and even can influence the government.
Top members of the Russian mafia live in giant mansions, roam inexpensive cars, and eat only expensive cuisines.

7. Yakuza

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Yakuza, a Japanese crime organization, can have an estimated net worth of 23 billion dollars. Therefore, it can be called as most productive crime organization ever in the world.

Yakuza is not the name of one particular group; it is different groups and families.
They are broadly known throughout the world due to their famous tattoos and missing fingers. However, this group doesn’t hide, and some members work with government officials, organizations, and politicians.

Yakuza has their own office, and they helped Japan when the last Tsunami hit by.
Their business includes drugs, trafficking, racketeering, gambling, and prostitution. Their numbers can be around 80,000.

At one point in time, they didn’t even see themselves as Criminal organizations. Instead, they see themselves as heroes or protectors of villages.

8. Camorra

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Camorra is Italy based crime syndicate and is the world’s most prosperous crime organization. History can be traced to the seventeenth century. Like Yakuza, Camorra is a single group and an organization of several different clans under the same umbrella.
It is believed that there is weel over 112 Camorra clans with more than 6800 members.

They are primarily based in Italy and control significant industries, including mil, coffee, fish, and even 2000 bakeries. Their illegal activities include extortion, murder, drug running, and money laundering. They are also involved in many other illegal activities.
Their top members live lavish live sand without any fear as they keep local authorities under their thumbs. Camorra’s estimated net worth can be around 167 Billion USD.

That was the list, and it clearly shows that these crime syndicates are not much behind from world’s wealthiest persons and billionaires. Their control shows how much wealth they own. But at the end of the day, bad guys get what they deserve.

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