The Most eye-catching Outfit in GALA

Any red carpet event features a few ensembles, but the Met Gala – often referred to as the “Oscars in fashion” – is where celebrities become real artists.

The Met Gala, the annual fundraiser of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, takes place in May. It has been a yearly event since 1946, and there is a theme that visitors should stick to, which means seeing some of the creativity and visual art every year.

The 2020 Met Gala, however, has been permanently postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. As a result, Billy Porter and Vogue have teamed up to launch the #MetGalaChallenge. It challenges competitors to reclaim their favorite Met Gala at home, and the winners will be featured on and the official Instagram page for publication.

While the Met Gala is still standing, let us take you back to the most eye-catching look from the event over the years:

 1. Rihanna in the yellow dress 

Rihаnnа wоre а bright yellоw Guо Рei hаute сарe gоwn with а lоng embrоidered trаin fоr the gаlа’s Сhinа: Thrоugh the Lооking Glаss theme thаt yeаr; she remembered feeling аfrаid tо get оut оf the саr she thоught she hаd оverdressed fоr the fаshiоn event.

“I remember being sо sсаred tо get оut оf thаt саr beсаuse I felt like: ‘I’m dоing tоо muсh,'” she reсаlled. “I wаs driving раst the red саrрet, аnd I just sаw, like, gоwns, аnd I wаs like: ‘Оh my gоd, like, I’m а сlоwn, рeорle аre gоing tо lаugh аt me. This is like tоо muсh.'”

“I thоught thаt. I сirсled like three times; I’m nоt even jоking,” the Fenty fоunder аdded. Аs fоr the memes thаt resulted frоm the yellоw оutfit, whiсh mаny соmраred tо а fried egg оr оmelet, Rihаnnа саlled them “legendаry.”

2. Cardi b’s red feather gown


Everyone knows that the party doesn’t start without Cardi B.

The 2018 Met Gala was a special event for Cardi B. At the time, it was Cardi’s first Met Gala, and she was hand-empowered by Jeremy Scott (who also designed her amazing Met Gala dress) while seven months pregnant with her daughter, Culture, and offset physician. Now a year later, Cardi is back for the 2019 Met Gala solo, not that there was room for a one-size-fits-all outfit.

If we have learned anything from Cardi’s Met Gala 2018 look, he knows exactly how to follow the theme and manage it. He closed the pink carpet Met Metala wearing a traditional oxblood dress Thom Browne looking down with a three-meter (!) The train covered the rug too much. (Remember Guan Pei’s yellow dress by Rihanna from the 2015 Met Gala? Similar to this.) Thomas Browne’s dress had puffy coque feathers on the shoulders that took 3,000 hours with 35 people to create and bend the rapper’s curves. Cardi covered her dress with burgundy lace gloves and removed her hair under a hand-embroidered cap with beaded details.

3. Lady gaga four outfits in one

If not sure what the “camp” fashion is, let Lady Gaga show you how it is done. Met / Gala singer / Queen of Camp showcased this year’s Met Gala wearing a giant hot pink dress Brandon Maxwell, full of flowing train and the same big bow on his head. But wait, that’s not all: Gaga then proceeded to take everyone out of the company with four life changes on the red carpet. Do you see this lewk ?! Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta did just that.

Bringing a spectacular red carpet series under the black umbrella show, the fantastic Gaga train needed its people to pay us down on the red carpet. But if you think Gaga will stop there, think again. He then gave us his live performance art and not brought a single one, but four clothes change on the red carpet.

First, she pulled out her big pink cap to expose the entire black collection – complete with the same umbrella, but still.

Then there is another full-blown pink dress and a large black cell phone bag made by Judith Leiber. Hello, 911? Gaga killed us all; send help immediately.

Finally, she proceeded to take off her bra, fishing nets, and underwear as she pulled up a hot pink cart full of rosé and pink hats.

4. Michael Urie combination of dress and suit 

Why pick between a dress and a suit when you can wear both? That’s what Michael Urie did at the Met Gala 2019.

The “Ugly Betty” actress came on a big night of fashion wearing a sex-crazed creation at Christian Siriano’s pink tulle ballgown, suit half pinstripe. Siriano posted the dress on Instagram, posting a photo of Urie, “You can be your promoter day no matter who you are!” Urie even committed to the look of her makeup; half of her face was made of lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara, while the other appeared undressed, and a small piece remained.

5. Jourdann dun turned into rose  

The rose is a rose – and sometimes also a Jourdan Dunn.

Ms. Dunn, for example, arrived at the Met Gala wearing a 30-pound dress made of large plastic leaves, designed by Zac Posen and General Electric Additive and made of Protolabs. Each petal weighs about a pound and emerges on its own, rather than naturally. But the camp is a gimmick, and in its final state, attached to parts of the titanium cage, the leaves form a carved view of this flower under his robe. Then, carefully, his vision of his feet blocked by many flowers, he stepped into the shoes.

She said when she last got dressed; she used to walk up the stairs. (The red carpet is in front of the Met door and spreads over several stairs.)


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