Rogue Meaning in English?

What Does the Rogue Mean in English?

“Rogue” is a very common English word with a meaning that can vary depending on how it’s used. In this article, you’ll learn the different meanings of “rogue,” and see examples of each one. You’ll also learn some other words that have similar definitions, including “rout,” “roust,” “roundabout,” and more!

What does the Rogue Mean in English?

The Rogue is a rogue—a vagabond, a runaway, a gangster, or a criminal. There are many meanings of the term that have been cited as sources of confusion. In some languages, the word can mean someone who is not from their specific tribe or country—which would be an outsider. In other languages, the rogue means an outlaw who is not under rules from any particular authority, which can include those with powers to enforce those rules and punish offenders.

Examples of how the word

“Rogue” is a word that is often used in one of three ways. The first way it can be used is to indicate that someone who does not follow the rules or shows no respect for the person they are speaking to or about. The second way it can be used is to describe someone who rebels against the system and does what they want. The last use of “Rogue” is when people refer to objects such as Rogues, Rogueries and Rogue waves.

How the word Rogue is used in other languages

The word “rogue” can be used in many other languages. The words for “rogue” in Russian, Arabic, and other languages are quite different from the word “rogue” in English. In English, the word “rogue” means one who behaves in a dishonest, law-breaking way. In other languages, it has a slightly different meaning. In French, for example, “rogue” means someone who is not afraid of taking risks. In Spanish, the word “rogue” is used to refer to someone with a lot of money.


The meaning of “Rogue” is to commit a crime or act carelessly without consideration of the consequences. This leads to the crime being considered not justified by the law.

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