80 Riddles For School Kids

Riddles mean some kind of tangled question with strange answers. Often, riddles are used in schools too. Riddle for kids played a great role in children’s education also. Riddles for teenage students help them to be more social and less isolated, as they engage themselves in riddles. Riddles not only help to create humor but also in improving the intellectual level and social skills of school-going children. For example, if the riddle is about “sun”, then the school children will try to connect that riddle with their science studies.  

Riddles add laughter and enjoyment among school kids. Hence, school kids, who are more joyful are more active at schools and in various activities like sports and quizzes. Many times, people can’t create riddles for kids on their own in their minds. In that case, they try to generate old ideas of riddles for teens in their minds, but sometimes those ideas remain limited. In that case, you can take help from the internet. If you are the one who is searching for riddles for school, then you are on the right page. Here we are providing you with a number of riddles in the following list. page. Read the complete article for a large proportion of riddles for teens, schools, and kids in a row

Riddles for the Classroom Your Students Will Love

You might be wondering why you should try out this riddle game for your classroom. Well, the idea is that if they’re busy thinking up their own puzzles, then they’re not getting distracted by what is going on around them! This article is filled with 100 different puzzles for your students to enjoy and brainstorm with!

What is a Riddle? 

What is a Riddle
What is a Riddle

Riddles for school are questions with a supposed answer. A riddle also has a keyword or phrase that usually provides the answer to the question. Children often use riddles to learn new words and concepts. They can be creative and hilarious, too! For students of all ages, these questions will spice up your lessons and get your students thinking outside the box!

How to Use Riddles in the Classroom?

Classrooms are filled with students who are eager to learn and practice their skills. Classroom riddles can be a way for students to practice their listening skills, writing skills, speaking skills, critical thinking skills, and much more. Riddles for school can also be used to help break up the monotony of studying for exams or assignments. Riddles for kids are also great for group discussions. Students can work in groups or individually to answer riddle questions or create their own riddles for school.

If you would like to teach your students how to answer riddles, then there are a number of books for you. These books include 55 clever and fun riddles that are perfect for students of all ages. Some of these riddles will be familiar to students of all ages while some will be a challenge for more advanced students. These books also include some fun and creative games that can be used to teach students how to play riddles, create their own riddles, and play some fun riddle games. This book contains 25 questions on the topic of Riddles for kids and riddles for schools. Students will also learn how to create their own riddles for school. In addition, there is a section on playing Riddle Games and having fun with friends. It is designed for students at all levels.

List of Some 80 Funny Riddles For School Kids 

List of Some 80 Funny Riddles For School Kids 
List of Some 80 Funny Riddles For School Kids 
  • A thing that has a face but cannot smile?

A clock

  • Which word is spelled wrong in the dictionary


  • A thing that fills the room, but doesn’t take space


  • What is a bunny’s favorite kind of music? 

Hip hop music

  • What kind of room doesn’t have any windows or doors?

 A mushroom is an answer.

  • What are some things you can catch but not throw? 

A cold, to be precise.

  •  What starts with T, ends with T, and contains T?

 The answer is a teapot.

  • What keeps going up but never falls down?

Your age is the answer.

  •  What is brown in color, has a head and tails, but no legs?

 The answer is a cent.

  •  What are the rooms that spirits avoid? 

The living room, of course.

  • What do you own but others utilize more than you?

Your name is the answer.

  • What becomes wetter as it dries?

 The answer is a towel. 

  • You buy me with the intention of eating me, but you never do. What exactly am I?

 A fork is an answer

  • Take as much as you can, but leave as much as you can. What exactly am I? Footprints are the answer.
  • What sort of tree are you capable of carrying in your hand?

 A palm is an answer.

  • Who has four legs yet is unable to walk?

The answer is a table 

  • How many months are there in a year that have 28 days?

Each and every one of them!

  • What do you get when you have an eye but can’t see anything? 

 The answer is a needle.

  • What has a key yet is unable to unlock a locked door? 

The answer is a monkey.

  •  What distinguishes dogs from other animals? 

Puppies are the answer.

  • What needs to be shattered before it may be used?

 The answer is an egg.

  • Despite having a large number of keys, I am unable to access any doors. What exactly am I?

 The answer is a piano.

  • What type of coat can only be worn when it is wet?

A coat of paint, to be precise.

  •  The more you remove, the larger it becomes. What exactly is it?

 The answer is a hole.

  • What follows you around but is impossible to catch? 

Your shadow is the answer.

  •  What moves up and down but never changes its position?

 A flight of stairs, to be precise.

  • What’s as huge as an elephant yet doesn’t weigh a pound?

An elephant’s shadow, to be precise.

  • When does Friday fall on the calendar before Thursday?

            In the dictionary, to be precise.

  • What direction is the smoke coming from a southbound electric train?

 It’s an electric train, so there’s no smoke.

  • What is the purpose of lions eating raw meat?

 They don’t know how to cook, that’s why.

  •  How can a pocket in a pair of jeans be empty but still contain something? 

If it has a hole in it, the answer is yes.

  •  Why do teddy bears never seem to get hungry?

Because they’ve already been stuffed.

  • Why is the Mississippi such an unusual river?

 Because it has four “I’s” and can’t even see.

  • What bank never has any money? 

A riverbank.

  • Why isn’t your nose 12 inches long?

Because then it would be afoot.

  • What kind of cup can’t hold anything to drink? 

A cupcake.

  • What goes through towns and over hills but never moves?

 A road.

  •  What type of house weighs the least? 

A lighthouse.

  • What has a lot of teeth but can’t chew a thing?

 A comb.

  •  What is the best place to grow a garden in school?

 In kindergarten.

  •  Why did the boy bury the flashlight? 

Because the batteries died.

  •  What building in a town has the most stories?

 The library.

  •  What falls in winter but never gets hurt? 

The snow.

  • Which shower is used without water?

Baby shower

  •  What has ears however cannot hear? 

 A field of corn.

  •  a woman fell off a 25-foot ladder however didn’t get hurt. How? 

She fell off all-time low rung.

  • I even have no legs thus I ne’er walk, however, I forever run. What am I? 
  •  A watercourse.
  •  I’m as light-weight as a feather however even the strongest man can’t hold ME for over a moment. What am I? 
  • Breath.
  •  I’m not alive, however, I will still die. What am I? 

 A battery.

  • I will be able to forever return however ne’er arrive nowadays. What am I?


  •  What are you able to simply break while not touching It?

A promise.

  • What’s the toughest half concerning skydiving? 

the bottom.

  • A king, a queen, and 2 twins are in a very large area. However, are there no adults?

 Answer: they’re beds.

  •  anytime you rise up you snap. what’s it? 

Answer: Your lap.

  • I’m bought by the yard, however worn by the foot. What am I 


  •  What quite a flower will everybody want on their face? 


  •  What will travel the planet while staying within the corner? 

A stamp.

  • I’m tall once I’m young and short once I’m older. What am I? 

 A candle.

  •  If everything in a very one-story home is yellow, what color are the stairs? 

There aren’t any stairs in a very one-story house.

  •  I shave daily however my beard stays constant. How?

 I’m a barber.

  •  What can’t speak however can reply once spoken to?

 Associate in Nursing Sewer: An echo.

  • The more of me there is the less you can see. What am I

 Answer: The dark.

  •  What is black when it’s neat and white when it’s dusty?

            Answer: A chalkboard.

  • Cannot see in spite of a lot of eyes?

 Answer: A potato.

  • What has a lot of needles but can’t sew?

 Answer: A Christmas tree.

  •  What has one head, one foot, and four legs?

 Answer: Abed.

  • What kind of band can’t play music? 

Answer: A rubber band.

  • What has a lot of words but never speaks?

            Answer: A book.

  •  What runs around your backyard but never moves?

 Answer: The fence.

  •  What has a thumb and four fingers but isn’t a hand?

 Answer: A glove.

  • What always tastes better than it smells? 

Answer: Your tongue.

  •  What has four wheels and flies?

 Answer: A trash truck.

  •  You see me once in June, twice in November, and not at all in May. What am I? Answer: the letter E.
  • A dog crossed a river without a bridge or a boat but didn’t get wet. How? Answer: The river was frozen.
  • What things do dogs and trees have in common?


  • Which animal lives in school?


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