Reasons Why You Will Not Ever Want To Be Billionaire

Billionaire- after hearing or reading this word, only one thing comes to our mind, and that is- a lot of money. But, we also think about the luxury lifestyle and power that comes afterword ‘billionaire’ adds with a person name.

We all want to be billionaires, and we all even working hard to reach that level. But do you know every coin has two sides?

Yes, being a billionaire brings many benefits, but it also comes with some demerits.
Today we will know about those demerits or reasons why you will not want to be a Billionaire.

10 Reasons Why you will not want to be a Billionaire!

1. It will take years to become Billionaire with lots of effort and energy!

Billionaire word looks easy to add with your name, but it will take 20-50 years to be there on average. The average age to become Billionaire is 66 years, so you can quickly think how much of your life’s year it can take. But there are always exceptions, but it needs special skills, technology, and luck to become a Billionaire at a young age.

Also, the energy and effort it will take, you can easily guess. You will all always in stress, and it will be for years. But, at some point in time, you will also realize that it is just a status symbol to become Billionaire and not worth it in your life!

2. Your care and worry about family will increase!

Everyone worries about their families but millionaires and Billionaire have to worry more than usual. As you become rich, you and your family become a red target in the eyes of many people.

Those people will use different options to get a portion of that wealth. So physical threats are not just the only thing to worry about. They can even do that by being fake friends or make fake love to your kids. It eventually becomes a headache to think, who’s your real friends or relative and who’s just behind your money.

3. Your kids may get Spoiled

If you are a Billionaire, you will want to provide every amenity on earth to your kids. But this can spoil your kid. There are even chances that your grandchildren or their child may not be able to carry on your wealth.

There is a quote by Sheikh Rashid that says, “My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will drive a Land Rover, but his son will ride a camel.”

This means that wealth remains for 2-3 generations. It gets fade away if kids are not taught and mannered in a proper way.

4. Everyone around you is on salary, and it will create a difference of class!

As a billionaire, you may be very friendly to your employees, but still, it will create a difference between you and your employees. As they are on the payroll, they will not be able to tell things on your face that you may have done wrong.

5. Everyone will want to gain from you!


This reason is 100% true that if anyone becomes super-rich, other people try to gain something from that person. Either they ask for a favor or get a job or any offer for you or anything else.

Being a billionaire is like being a beautiful woman. Every man wants to talk to and date you. You will try to know the agenda behind the person talking to you.

6. After earning $50 million, there’s almost no impact on your life!

You will get surprised to know that there will be almost no little impact on your lifestyle after earning 50 million USD. Because you can live a lavish lifestyle in almost every country and still you will have money to spend.

For example, if you have 50 million and you earn 10% per year interest on it. Then, you will get 5 million as interest, and it will be enough for you to live a lavish lifestyle.

7. You will be almost out of touch with your real life!

You would have probably watched interviews in which billionaires are asked about the prices of ordinary things. And they all have unable to answer those questions.
This happens because you will have no touch with your life because of hectic work and stress.

As a result, you will have no time to take an interest in everyday life things.
Even Billionaires forgot about their kids’ class, their best friends, and other usual stuff. All thanks to Billionaire ”lifestyle.”

8. People will think you’re greedy and hoard resources!

Another big demerit of being a billionaire or prominent businessman is that people start to assume that you are mean and evil for money. People think that billionaires hoard resources without thinking about poor people.

Also, they don’t know how much you are contributing to GDP[ of country and resource.
So it felt bad if people criticize you for no solid reason.

9. People don’t know you are just a paper billionaire!

If you become Billionaire, do you think you will have a lot of cash in your homes or bank accounts? If you feel like that, you are wrong. Billionaires own shares in the company, not real money! So these companies get valued on the stock exchange, increasing the value of those shares.

Also, to get shares high, billionaires need to provide products and services through companies that offer value to the customers.No billionaire sit on stacks of dollars and light $100 bill cigars!

10. Politics start to play a significant role in your life!

Politics and Billionaires survive because of each other. Billionaires provide money to political parties so that they can win. And political parties assure billionaires no harm to their businesses.

Without favorable government, no business can survive. So in that way, it becomes essential to keep politicians happy. For that, you need to donate.

Another reason behind politics in business is local politicians want to keep businesses in their localities and generate jobs for people. So they influence billionaires to set up or stay businesses in their area.

11. Being Billionaire is just a status game!

If you become a billionaire, try not to involve in the status game, as it will just start affecting your life. If you try to show your wealth and status, you will not be happy and satisfied with your life.

If someone has 5 Billion of wealth and you have 4 billion, it will not make you less of a person. So don’t get into the competition; it will just take your mental peace. What’s the point of earning $5 Billion more and adding to $90 Billion wealth if you have to work under stress for months.

12. Material gifts lose value

What gift can you give to a person who has everything? Of course, as a billionaire, you would probably want to have a big yacht or airplane, but what about the gift given by your old friend worth $100.

You may not even use it or have no emotion in your heart due to the vast wealth you own. But, after a point in time, all materials things start to lose value.

13. Finding true loves become almost impossible

If you are a billionaire, you probably will become extra careful and thoughtful around people who know you. You may even think about the motive behind people interacting with you.
The same happens in terms of love. As a billionaire, you may get a date, but what are the chances that he/she will love you for being who you are, not how much money owns you.

And even if they genuinely love you, you will have to try to interpret other people’s intentions as they are behind your or your money.

14. You will feel isolated!

As a billionaire, it will become tough for you to trust anyone, or even if you trust them, maybe another person will not indeed be your friend due to your higher rank or motives.

Also, due to work stress, you may have to go to different locations, away from family, making you feel alone.


Being a billionaire is not such an easy job. You have to face many things. ”With great power comes a great responsibility”. It is accurate in terms of the life of billionaires. They kind of live their life for others, losing their peace of mind

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