Patron Meaning in English?

What is the meaning of “Patron” in English?

In this article, the author explains the meaning of the word “patron” in English. A patron is someone who has power and authority over you, and often is someone of high social status. English is a language that has been around for centuries and like every language, it has evolved and changed many times. However, there are some terms that remain unchanged and one of those is the word “patron” which refers to someone who provides or supports an activity or action. Read this blog post to learn more about what the word means in English and how its meaning has changed over time.

What does the word

The word \”patron\” means \”a person who provides financial support to an organization, group, or cause\”, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The word \”patron” is also used in relation to patrons of various arts and entertainment, such as the arts and literature.

When did the word

“Patron” is a word that comes from the Latin “pater,” meaning father. The word was first used in the sense of a person or company who supported an artist or writer, and eventually this meaning became extended to include the idea of someone who provides financial support for an organization such as a charity, club, educational institution, etc. The word’s use has since broadened and become more general and ambiguous. In addition to being used as a noun, patron can now also be used as an adjective. The word is also frequently used as a verb.

How can I use the word

The word “patron” can be used in different ways. It can be used to mean the person who supports an event or organization or it can be used to refer to someone who looks after others for business or personal reasons. Patrons are people who support a place, a business, or an event financially. It is usually in the form of a monetary donation that might be in the form of a check or cash.


The word “patron” has many meanings in English. One meaning is a person who provides support and protection to others. “Patron” is a word that refers to a person who gives regularly. It means to give regularly and regularly over an extended period of time.

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