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my teacher paragraph

My Favorite Teacher teaches essential lessons and guides students throughout their academic lives. Each student’s life should have a mix of positive and negative aspects. However, there are two types of teachers: rigorous and understanding. A wise instructor improves instructional situations.

Every teacher’s most prized possession is their students’ successes. Their main purpose is to inspire their kids to excel in society and the nation. The instructor must transform pupils into achievers if the country is to progress. They convey significant messages that probe the situation for vital life variables.

In honour of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, India’s second President, we celebrate Teacher’s Day on September 5 every year. India has excellent instructors like Dr. S Radhakrishnan, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda, Premchand, and many more.

Teachers are fantastic role models for students. For example, India’s beloved President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, became a great aerospace engineer thanks to his tutor. Birds and Mr. Siva Subramania Iyer influenced Dr. Kalam’s commitment to humanity.

In the past, a teacher was called a guru, and students lived with their guru to learn spiritual and scholastic knowledge.

A role model is someone who inspires greatness. Teachers are second only to parents in a student’s life. To begin with, teachers teach. Then comes the middle school teacher, who helps pupils navigate the crucial adolescent transitions. Middle school students become young adults with many life-related questions. A high school teacher directs and values-teaches the student’s new life phase. Every teacher’s greatest joy is seeing kids succeed through respect.

Teachers have a huge impact on students during their formative years. Younger pupils respect teachers and pay attention. This demonstrates the teacher’s influence on students. Teachers become friends and mentors when students grow up and go to college. Teachers unwittingly teach kids crucial life lessons. For example, if a student is hurt, the teacher takes him/her to the hospital. They are a parent in school.

A teacher not only mentors but also plays many roles. They become sad friends, hurt parents, and brilliant mentors. As a result, teachers are amazing mentors who shape students lives. It is a significant location in every student’s life.

my teacher essay for class 1

1 While all teachers are good, the great are rare.

2. God’s best teacher

3. Good teachers usually lead to success.

4. All great guys have amazing teachers.

5. Only honourable men may become good teachers.

6. We praise God for good professors.

7. A good teacher always considers his students’ success.

8. A good teacher is a valuable social asset.

9. Always respect and appreciate teachers.

10. Without good instructors, we would not have a good nation.

my teacher essay for class 2

  • Ms Pooja is my favourite instructor.
  • She is my class teacher and takes our daily attendance.
  • Despite her stern personality, she is a compassionate and kind person.
  • She is well-behaved and always on time.
  • She teaches us English and gives us many stories.
  • Every day, my teacher greets us with a gentle hug.
  • Any school function or competition she guides us properly.
  • No daily assignment, she educates us to study and share with our peers.
  • She assists us with our studies and makes learning fun for all students.
  • My class teacher inspires us to do well in our academics.

my teacher essay for class 4

My favourite teacher at school is Ms. Rajni Sharma, who I’ve known since kindergarten. She teaches EVS in my fourth-grade classroom (Environmental Studies). She’s a great instructor. She cares a great deal about us and educates us in a way that is both simple and effective. She doesn’t take her students’ education too seriously and teaches them with fun activities. She never arrives late to class and shows up on schedule every time. Because she makes us joyful, we enjoy her class a lot. She adores me since I am a hard-working and well-behaved student. I conduct my schoolwork and homework in a tidy and orderly manner every day in accordance with her instructions.

I’m always on time and never miss a day of class with her. When we confront challenging events in our lives, she encourages us to keep going in the right direction, no matter how hard it may be. She encourages us that we should never give up in the face of adversity and look for simple ways out. Always think positive and never negative, she advises us, because what we think and do always manifests itself in our lives. She has a thorough understanding of all aspects of EVS. The teacher expects us to communicate in English during the class period. We sing and recite poetry in the school bus on the way to her house, and it’s a lot of fun.

my teacher essay for class 5

Ritu Maam is my favourite instructor and my favourite subject English. She teaches us en. She likes me and respects my efforts. She started school a year ago. Previously, I had poor English. But thanks to her classes, we’ve all improved.

Why do I like her? First, she makes the lessons fun. She never gets offended when we have doubts or inquiries. Her best trait is her love. She never missed a day of school.

Her style is nice. Salwar fits for her. She always addresses her students with respect. Then I do my English assignment on time. Ritu Ma’am takes her time explaining each chapter.

She makes us participate in all of the activities at the end of each lesson. She also pushes us to enter theatre and poetry competitions. She set a rule for us from day one.

During English period, we must all speak English. Even if the sentence is incorrect, students try to speak English. She taught us not to laugh at our own faults. This has greatly improved our spoken English. We can now speak English more confidently.

Her second outstanding attribute is treating all children equally. She then asks us questions on the chapter after explaining the lesson. We also want to chat about our personal lives, including what we like about our life, and how hard our parents work for us.

She is our go-to person when we are perplexed or need emotional assistance. Her advise is always positive. On Teacher’s Day last month, students wished her and gave gifts. We sang her a song.

I made her a lovely card and a red rose. She smiled and thanked us for everything. I am grateful to have such a kind and supportive instructor in my life.

my teacher essay in english for class 8

A teacher is a nation’s builder and a lighthouse illuminating our collective future. Teaching is a prestigious profession with high ethical standards. They educate us and assist us in our efforts to become responsible citizens.

Renu Ma’am is my favourite teacher at the school, and she is the one who I look up to the most. Renu Verma is her entire given name. She is our English teacher and she is in charge of our class. She is a nice, humorous, and kind-hearted young lady.

She is an excellent teacher. When she is teaching, we remain silent. She takes the time to ensure that we fully comprehend the subject. If we don’t understand something, she explains it again and again until we comprehend. Her abilities in the classroom and during presentations are exceptional. It’s for this reason that each chapter is easy to comprehend. Her class is one that I never miss.

She directs us and instils in us the importance of excellent habits. She is strict, yet she is also lovely. That is one of the reasons why we are so fond of her and enjoy attending her classes.

She also tells us stories every now and again. She treats us to cakes and chocolates on whatever occasion that we celebrate. On our birthdays, we also bring a cake to Ma’am’s house. We also celebrated her birthday the previous year. I gave her a drawing of mine as a gift. She was ecstatic at the time.

Every teacher is an extremely valuable asset to the country. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be taught by Renu Ma’am. We are quite pleased with our class teacher. A large number of her former students are now quite successful. We too hope to be successful students of hers in the future.

The best teacher, in my opinion, is a gift from God to us. We are eternally grateful to God for providing us with a wonderful instructor in Renu Ma’am.

my teacher essay for class 9

My favourite teacher at school We all have superior teachers in our lives. They are incredibly helpful. Today I’ll talk about my favourite teacher.

Fav. Teacher.

Favorite teacher: Mr. Vinayak He’s 40 and lives near the school. He teaches us Math in our class. I was terrified of it. But now I am a math prodigy thanks to him.

I can solve any issue. His teaching style is unique. Every Math issue he explains is understandable by all levels. With his aid, I now understand several Math concepts.

I readily remember what he teaches me. His efficient teaching approach made it possible. We aced our math test last week. He is pleased with our progress.

Favorite Teacher Traits:

He is a superb teacher in every way. He is very timely and advises us to be so. He likes the normal students. He never misses. He will go to class no matter what.

He is pleasant and has a great sense of humour. He is noted for his teaching abilities. He never assigns us too much homework. He knows the limit and assigns accordingly.

His most valuable quality is helpfulness. He helps the weak kids even after class. Many students receive free tuition from him. And he always motivates us to study harder.

He also promotes extracurriculars. We have several school events that he leads from the front. He is a good speaker, which is why he hosts or presents these events.


His favourite interest is gardening. His house has a garden in front. He is also helping us create a school garden. He has designed the landscape for us. This is a class project for all pupils.

We follow him. We brought lots of flowers. He’s also a good athlete. He sometimes joins us out there. He helps us improve our cricket skills. He used to play cricket well.

His bat skills are absolutely superb. He’s a great batsman His hobbies include reading books. He also suggests books.


That’s my favourite teacher. My existence revolves around him. He has made numerous great contributions to my life.

my teacher essay in english for class 10

Shobha Verma is the name of one of my favourite teachers. She is 33 years old and she is a history teacher at our school. Previously, I was unable to comprehend this matter. However, as a result of her instruction, I am now able to comprehend this, and it has become my favourite subject.

Her strong points are as follows:

Her class was quite well received by all of us. She is quite pleasant to be around. We have no need to be afraid of her as a result of this. We, on the other hand, hold her in high regard. All of my classmates and I questioned her about everything that had to do with our class. She is always able to explain things in a very clear and concise manner. As a result of her efforts, we have achieved fantastic results in her topic.

She is aware of the activities of every single student at all times and attends parent meetings on a daily basis. Ma’am provides assistance to mothers in order for them to properly care for their children. She has a lot of energy, is really dynamic, and has a lot of potential.

Every one of us is motivated by her, and our Ma’am teaches us that in order to be successful in life, we must improve our academic performance. We are all aware that in order to achieve greater results, we must work extremely hard. She has a plethora of positive behaviours.

She also has a beautiful singing voice. Not only does she sing beautifully, but she also draws beautifully, which complements her singing.

What is it about her that makes her my favourite teacher?

Shobha’s Ma’am is usually cheerful and never loses her temper with any of her students. Every time we see her, she opens up about the difficulties she has had in her life. Her storey ignites a great deal of interest in us.

Our Shobha Ma’am provides free tuition to pupils who are impoverished or weak in order for them to perform better in their exams. Her approach to teaching is superb and unique in the field. Because of our school’s teaching technique, the vast majority of our pupils pass both their class and main exams.

Her most admirable quality is that she always treats all of her students equally, and she does so in a pleasant and clear manner with each of them. All of the students comprehend the lecture because he always manages to connect with them through the use of beautiful and effective basic language explanations.

All of the pupils at our high school hold her in great regard because they recognise the significance and depth of her expertise. There are just a handful teachers like her in the world. If she notices a pupil doing something incorrectly, she reprimands him and also informs the youngster of his or her error.

Her Class is a Source of Excitement

My best buddy and I are inseparable from her class and never miss a day. She always encourages us to follow the correct and good path in our lives, no matter how difficult the situation may be. Ma’am always reminds us that we should not dwell on the negative and terrible aspects of life, and she instils in us the ability to think positively at all times.


She directs us and instils in us excellent habits of conduct. She is a very stern teacher, but she is also one of the most wonderful people we have at our school. Ma’am tells us a lot of stories from time to time. She spoils us with cakes and chocolates on holidays and other special occasions. On the day of our birthdays, my classmates and I also took a cake to Shobha’s Ma’am. Her birthday was celebrated with us the previous year. As a result of my gifting her a cute drawing of mine, I was pleased with myself. I am eternally grateful to God for providing me with a wonderful instructor in the person of Shobha Ma’am.

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