My Father Essay

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my father paragraph

Fathers are one of the most influential people in our family, if not the most influential. Every parent is a one-of-a-kind individual. They instil in us the importance of dependability as well as compassion. Daughters feel comfortable and secure when they are with their fathers, much like my father makes me feel when I am with him. In order to emulate their dads, sons attempt to act in the same manner as they do. Fathers have an impact on who we become friends with and how we connect with the people in our lives.

My father has instilled in me the values of independence and bravery from an early age. Fathers assist us in solving challenges by encouraging us to take more risks in our lives. Fathers are no longer merely breadwinners in today’s society. Many mothers work to further their careers, while fathers assist with household chores and are supportive of their wives. My father has always valued my mother’s profession and has assisted her in many household tasks.

Despite the fact that fathers appear to be tough, they are also there for us when we need them the most. My father has always been a steadfast source of encouragement while also enforcing restrictions to help me grow into a more responsible individual. Father’s Day is observed every year on the third Sunday in June to express gratitude to our fathers for all that they do for us. Thank your fathers in whichever way you can, whether it’s with a card, a present, or even a simple wish.

my father essay for class 1

Mr Ajay Sharma is my father.

A caring, loving man who looks after my entire family.

Engineer by trade, he is a hard worker.

He is a wise man who answers all my questions wittily.

My father respects his parents, my mother, and all of us.

He is friendly with our relatives, friends, and neighbours.

Every day he takes me, my sister, and my mother to school.

Every day he helps me and my sister study.

He instils manners, humanity, and life ethics.

My father is my hero and I aspire to be like him.

my father essay for class 3

Fathers are important in our life.

Fathers provide their daughters a sense of comfort and safety.

Sons aspire to be like their fathers.

Fathers always shape our connections and relationships.

Today’s parents defy the assumption that only men can work; fathers help around the house while women work.

Fathers are rigorous and disciplined to teach children life skills.

Like moms, fathers are vital to their child’s health.

They provide physical and emotional support and boost self-esteem.

Fathers make sure their kids are safe.

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Father’s Day 2020 is on June 21st.

my father essay for class 4

1. My father is the ideal in my life.

2. He has a special place in my heart.

3. He is a genuine, good-hearted, and respectable individual.

4. My father is a tireless advocate for those who have suffered injustice.

5. He is employed by the government.

6. My father was always there to look after my mother and me.

7. Because he has a transferable job, he is frequently need to leave home in order to deceive in other locations.

8. My father and a few of his friends are involved in community service.

9. Dad will never make a concession to injustice.

10. I pray to God that my father lives a long and healthy life.

my father essay for class 5

“Father” is a term that is extremely tough to express in a single sentence. My father holds a special place in my heart. My father is the person I adore the most in the entire universe.

Sanjay Roy is the name of my father. He works as a painter. I want to display my father’s paintings at a number of prestigious exhibitions. Not only that, but my father also runs a drawing school where a large number of children learn to sketch.

Drawing is something I learned from my father. Dad urges me to give up my professional career. That is exactly what I hope to accomplish as a well-known painter in my father’s social circle. My father is not pleased with the fact that he has so many acquaintances. As a result, I am really proud of my father.

My father is the most loving person on the face of the planet. I am the source of his existence. Only a small percentage of the population has love in their hearts like my father. As a result, I feel myself fortunate.

my father essay in english for class 7

My father’s name is Shri Rabindra Nayak. He is a businessman. He is a resident of our village, Hariharpur. He lives with his parents and siblings. He is a swordsman by caste, yet he works as a farmer in his spare time.

His physical appearance and clothing:

My father has been alive for fifty years. In terms of height, he is just approximately five feet tall. He is neither overweight nor underweight. He has a light black colour to him. Both his beard and moustache have been removed.

The colour of the hair on the head has not yet gone white. He is a man of great strength and durability. His clothing is pretty straightforward. He never puts on a shirt or puts on shoes. He’s dressed in a thin piece of material that doesn’t even come close to covering my father’s legs.

His formal education includes the following:

My father has never received a formal education. He has not attended any official educational institutions. He has the ability to read and write letters. He knows how to count and keep records.

His professional accomplishments include:

My father is a farmer, and I grew up around him. He is a farmer who works in the fields and grows crops. He is responsible for his animals. My mum lends a hand to him in his career. He harvests the crop and brings it back to his house. He is the only member of our family who earns a living.

His Responsibilities include the following:

My father is saddled with a slew of responsibilities. The number of people in our family is three. My family consists of my father, mother, and myself. My father provides for the needs of the entire family. He is responsible for providing me with books, papers, and school fees. He is obligated to pay his obligation.

Finally, I’d want to say that

My father is a kind and considerate individual. He doesn’t ask me to assist him with his work, and I’m not sure why. He knows he can’t trouble me because he sends me to school every day. He is also a caring and attentive parent. I have a great deal of affection and respect for him.

my father essay in english for class 8


My father is my hero and mentor. When I’m in difficulties, I turn to him. My father has always been my main influence in life. I’ve never regretted taking his advise because it’s always worked for me. He is dedicated and passionate. My father enjoys movies. He enjoys watching vintage movies whenever he has time. We even dispute over who gets to watch TV. We love to tease and play with each other.

My father hates to be idle. On vacation, if Dad finds me and my sister doing nothing, he gives us a task. He is also very organised and has all his documentation in order.

My Father as a Model:

My father inspires me in numerous ways. I like his work ethic first and foremost. That’s why he’s regarded at work. No matter what, he is always willing to help his coworkers. In fact, he is always seen assisting others on weekends. My father is also a simple man. He doesn’t like pricey items and prefers a simple life. He also never yells at us. I wonder whether he ever gets upset because he takes everything so calmly and deliberates.

My Friend – Father:

My father is also a friend. I can talk about anything with my father, even things I wouldn’t say to my mother. I know he will keep it private and give me advise. I know I can rely on him in times of need and that he will be there for me.

My Father’s Life Importance:

My father is a family leader. He is the family’s leader. But I believe both parents have a responsibility to play in raising their children. While my mother has a tender heart, my father exhibits courage and strength that his children will inherit. He can be strict at times, but it’s always for the kids’ good.


My father’s influence on my life is undeniable. His presence is essential to my family’s harmony. The stricter parent badge goes to a father, whose refusal of approval for anything means a lot to the kids. I aspire to be like my father when I grow up.

my father essay for class 9

Phool singh is my father’s name. He was born in a sleepy hamlet outside of Shimla, in the Himalayan foothills. As the oldest of four children, he has two brothers and one sister. Both the mother and the father have important roles to play in their children’s lives as parents. The father is a vital member of the family. He’s usually the one who provides the family’s daily bread. In addition, he is regarded as the family’s leader.

My father works in the business world. He owns and operates a coaching school. While he has a strong sense of duty, he does not force any of his children to follow in his footsteps. He constantly exhorts us to go after our goals. Every time we ask for his help or advice, he is always willing to lend a helping hand. Instead of following in his father’s footsteps and joining the family business, he does everything he can to motivate and inspire us to achieve our goals.

Sweet and loving, that’s how I would describe my father. In order to keep us on our toes, though, he must be firm at times. In times of financial or emotional distress, he’s always there to lend a helping hand to everyone in the family. He is always looking out for our best interests, and he does everything he can to make us happy. He is always willing to share his knowledge and lessons learned with us. We learn a lot from him about the challenges he has experienced and how he has overcome them. For the sake of future generations, he shares not just his successes but also his failures. He’s the person I most admire and look up to.

By nature, my father is an outgoing person. He and I have a good relationship. I open up to him about anything that bothers me on a daily basis. No matter what, I can always count on him to look out for me and be there for me. He is a man of few words who strives to lead a life of order, virtue, and serenity. Even in the midst of a stressful workday, he makes time for his family. We play a lot of badminton together, and he’s been teaching me how to do it lately. His free time is spent in the kitchen, where he enjoys experimenting with new recipes. The dishes he cooks for me include my favourites such as spaghetti, chicken curries, and biryani. He is always there to assist my mother in the kitchen and frequently makes breakfast and lunch for us.

My father has instilled in me the values and manners that will serve me well in the years to come. He instructs us to be modest and to assist those in need. A healthy diet and regular practise of yoga are also part of his philosophy. My father is a role model for me!

my father essay in english for class 10

Usually, people focus on a mother’s love and neglect a father’s love. A mother’s love is frequently referenced in films and television shows. We often overlook a father’s strength, which often goes unappreciated. Father is a rare blessing. It would also be incorrect to state that all fathers are ideal heroes for their children. But I can speak for my father as an ideal person without hesitation.

My Father is Unique!

Like everyone else, I like to think my father is unique. Nonetheless, this conviction stems from both my love for him and his personality. My father operates a business and is very strict. He taught me to be disciplined no matter what I do.

Most significantly, he is a happy person who makes my mother laugh even after 27 years of marriage. I appreciate his funny side when he’s with his family. He strives to accommodate our requests yet can be strict when necessary.

One of my favourite things about my father is how he has always maintained our home secure and open. For example, my siblings and I can discuss anything without fear of rebuke or judgement. This has prevented us from lying, as I have seen in my friends.

My father also has an undying passion for animals, which makes him incredibly sensitive. He is a devout Christian who is also quite charitable. My father has never misbehaved with his elders in my life, which makes me want to be like him.

My Father inspires me

My father has been my influence from day one. In other words, his outlook and personality moulded me. Similar, he has an enormous impact on the globe in his own manner. His passion for stray animals inspires me to do the same.

My father has taught me the essence of love by giving my mother a rose every day. This consistency and love inspires us all to treat them the same. All my sports and car knowledge comes from my father. It’s one of the main reasons I want to play cricket in the future.

To summarise, I feel my father qualifies as a real-life superhero. His professional and personal management style always fascinates me. No matter how hard things became, I saw my father toughen up. I wish to be like my father. My life would be solved if I could only inherit 10% of his genius.

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