15 Smart Cooking Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Are you searching for some amazing and really helpful tips, which apply to your kitchen to make things easier for you? Whether it’s storing your green vegetables for more extended periods, cooking eggs the right way so that they don’t break when they boil or preventing spice from spoiling in the monsoon. Many brilliant and straightforward tricks will surprise you. But, knowing it exists, you want to know it earlier so that your life will be easier.


  • Storing Spices with salt

You must have noticed that due to humidity, spices will soak in the monsoon. So while storing it in the jar, add a little salt. Sodium chloride absorbs water and prevents the fragrance from getting wet.


  • Peel ginger with Spoon

You don’t need special tools to remove the skin from this strangely shaped root. Because the peel is very thin, you only need to scrape the metal spoon onto the side of the ginger and the rounded edges around it to relax the skin.


  • Boiling Eggs With Some Oil

When the eggs are boiling in the water, pour in a bit of oil. This prevents the eggs from cracking when they are boiled.


  • How to check if your egg is fresh or not?

Don’t believe the date on the egg carton. You can find a more accurate age measurement method from the faucet. Take a glass of water and put the egg in the lass carefully. If it sinks and stays at the lower surface of the glass, then it is fresh. If it starts swimming, then it’s time to throw this egg.


  • Preheat the pan before cooking veggies

To get the crispiest vegetables, faster and smoother cooking time, and the best browning of the meat, follow this trick from the restaurant chef: preheat the frying pan, safe heating frying pan, or pizza stone for about three minutes before adding other ingredients. 


  • Roll, crimp and chill that pastry

Cool the dough before baking to relax the gluten and harden the fat again after processing. Don’t worry about pushing out a hard pie crust. Instead, mix the batter, push it out (using trick number 10), put it in a cake pan, keep it in the fridge for 30 minutes at least. Quickly fill, bake and enjoy dessert.


  • Microwave Lemons before Squeezing

If you want to get the whole juice from lemons, microwave them for 20 seconds before squeezing the juice. This will soften the lemon, and you can extract more juice from it.


  • Toast-Bread for the Whole Family

Fix the oven to avoid being cunning, avoid fighting the toaster or standing on the appliance for a few minutes. Stack two oven racks on adjacent levels. Place a paper tray on the bottom and stack it vertically between the grill grids. Bake at 450 degrees until golden brown. After about 5 minutes, you will get a whole piece of toast.


  • Reheat the slice of pizza in a skillet

If you want to heat the slices, use a frying pan. This will help you get both crispy crusts and melted cheese without having to open the oven. Boil on medium heat for one minute, add a few drops of water to steam, and then cover the pot. After two or three minutes, you will cut well.


  • Extend the life of Bananas by wrapping them separately

On the other side of the fruit, divide the bananas into individual banana units and cover each stem with plastic wrap or aluminum foil to keep the bananas yellow longer. The packaging material helps to contain the ethylene gas naturally produced at the end of the fruit stem. Otherwise, it will spread to the whole banana and accelerate the ripening.


  • Separate pomegranate seeds in a bowl of water

Remove the underwater pomegranate arils and keep the clothes free of stains and mess. Scratch the skin around the center with a knife, peel the two halves, cut them in half, and place the pomegranate slices underwater. Gently wipe the arils to remove them from the white film (the last film will float on top of the water so that you can remove it). Filter out the water in the fruit, and you will have a much lower investment aril than the fruit and vegetable aisle cup.


  • Store the Onions and Potatoes separately

Ever wondered why your potatoes and onions went bad? Most people store both potatoes and eggs in the same place. Both release moisture and gas, which can damage them more quickly, so it is recommended to keep them separately.


  • Turn Moist Chips into Crispy

Place the tissue paper on the board and spread the wet shavings on it. Now, cover it with another piece of tissue paper and microwave it for 30 seconds in the microwave. They will become brittle again, and you don’t need to throw them away.


  • Remove the Broken Eggshell pieces with other Eggshell pieces

When you try to break a hard-boiled egg, sometimes small pieces of eggshells get mixed in your dish as well. Keep half of what you have, and use it to scoop up the tiny eggshell that you are now ready to fight. There is no mess, no other tools are needed, and it will attract the wandering shell fragments like a magnet.


  • Remove the strawberry stems or leaves by using a Straw

It is an excellent way to remove the stems of strawberries; you need to take a straw and insert it into the bottom end of the strawberry and push the Straw straight to remove the leaves.

We have mentioned some useful tricks which you can utilize while working in the kitchen and cooking regular food and delicious recipes for your family. These tips will help you to cook easily and more quickly. If you have any point of view regarding the article, please let us know by leaving your feedback.


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