List of 10 Top Football Players of 2021 in the World

Football is the most popular game in the world. There is an unbelievable number of fans of this game. Football is played almost in every country worldwide. This game evolved from other historical games like soccer and rugby. However, football matches are primarily watched in America and Canada; both these countries have the highest number of football fans.

Each fan has a favorite player in football. In this article, we will tell you about the ten most famous and best football players of all time in the world. Here is the list:

Robert Lewandowski

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Robert Lewandowski is a professional polish footballer born in Warsaw, Poland, on August 21, 1988. Robert is currently serving as the captain of the Poland National Football team. He plays for the Bayern Munich team now. He is very popular among football fans and known for his positioning, techniques, and efficient and accurate finishing. In addition, he is considered one of the best strikers in the world. He has made a record by winning the “The Polish Player of the year” title eight times. In 2020, he scored 45 professional goals and earned the “IFFHS World’s Best Top Goal Scorer Award” In the same year.

Lewandowski also received the “Best FIFA Men’s Player Award” and the “UEFA Men’s Player of the Year Award” in 2020. Lewandowski is a brilliant penalty taker and known as a very accurate free kicks taker.

Lionel Messi

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Lionel Messi is one of the never-forgotten names in football. However, this player has been ranked at the top for more than a decade. Messi is an Argentinian football player born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina.

This Argentine striker of Barcelona is regularly considered as one of the finest gamers of all time. He is the lone player in history to possess 5 “Ballon d’Or” awards. In addition, this 5’9″ player is probably the best dribblers of all time. His playmaking potential, exceptional passing, finishing, and scoring ability are a joy to observe with a bowl of popcorn.

Kevin De Bruyne

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Kevin is a Belgium professional footballer born on June 28, 1991. He plays for Manchester City Football club right now, and he is considered one of the best footballers in the world.

No player inside the premiere League is as technically talented as Kevin De Bruyne. This player has an exceptional playmaking skill and mind to dominate games, each domestic and overseas.

Keven began his football career at Genk as a regular player and won the 2010-11 Belgian Pro League. De Bruyne started his international career in 2010, and he has since collected 80 caps and scored 21 goals for Belgium.

Christiano Ronaldo

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Christiano Ronaldo is the most sensational name in the football world. He is a Portuguese professional footballer born on February 5, 1985. He is 6 feet and 2 inches tall with a toned, muscled body. Ronaldo has won five “Ballon d’Or” and four “European Golden shoes.” Currently, he plays for Juventus.

He is the lone footballer who has been competing with Messi for more than a decade. Ronaldo is known as the goal machine and played for Manchester United and Real Madrid for most of his career. He is not on the top of the list, but he is the best forward player of all time.

This phenomenal player combines an electrifying pace, imposing physique and one of the best finishers to the spectator’s expectation.

Erling Haaland

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He is a Norwegian professional football player born on July 21, 2000, in England. His height is 6 feet 4 inches. He is very young but considered one of the best strikers in the world.

Haaland is known for his speed, flexibility, and strength and attracts everyone’s eyes with his tremendous moves on the field. Currently, he is one of the best young footballers on the planet.

He won the Golden Boot by kicking nine goals in a single match in FIFA Under-19 World Cup 2019. Haaland has scored his first international hat-trick in the 2020–21 UEFA Nations League against Romania.

Kylian Mbappe

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He is also a very young French professional footballer born on December 20, 1998, in Paris, France. He is a very brilliant forward player. He wants to be like Christiano Ronaldo. 

Currently, He is playing for Paris Saint Germain Team. Mbappe started a strong 2020 but couldn’t lead his team to Champions League in the final against Bayern Munich. In all leagues and tournaments, he scored 47 combined goals and assists in 33 games.

Virgil Van Dijk

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He is a Dutch Football player born on July 8, 1991, and 6 feet 4 inches taller. He plays at the center-back position for the Liverpool team. In addition, he is serving as the captain of the Netherlands national team. He is recognized for his strength, aerial ability, pace, and leadership qualities. 

He is known as the best defender in the world. He is the only defender to win UEFA Men’s Player of the Year and has competed as runner-up for the Ballon d’Or and Best FIFA Men’s Player.

Joshua Kimmich

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Joshua Walter Kimmich is a german professional football player born on July 8, 1995, in Rottweil, Germany. He is a fantastic defender who plays at center back and midfield position. 

Currently, he plays for Bayern Munich. He’s known for his accurate passing, shooting, tackling techniques, and aggression. Joshua Kimmich Joined the Bayern Munich team on January 2, 2015, and signed the contract of five years for 7 million euros.


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Neymar is a Brazillian professional Footballer who plays at the forward position for the Paris Saint Germain and the Brazillian national team. Neymar was born in Brazil in 1992. He has also played for the Barcelona Football club from 2013 to 2017. 

He is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. He made his debut with Santos FC when he was 17 years old. He has scored 64 goals in 103 matches for his Brazilian team and become the second-highest goalscorer in his national team after Pele.

Mohamed Salah

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He is an Egyptian professional football player who plays at a forward position. Mohamed was born in July 1992 in Basyoun, Egypt. He is five feet and 9 inches tall. He is serving as the captain of the Egyptian National Team and plays for the Liverpool football club.

He is known for his amazing pace, finishing, and fantastic dribbling skills. He kicked 32 goals in 36 matches in one league and ranked third for the “2018 Best FIFA Men’s Player” award. In 2017, Salah was signed by Liverpool for a club-record fee of 36 million Euros. 

These are the top 10 best football players of the present time listed according to their performance and skills. We tried our best to brief you about the best footballer of 2021, and we hope you will definitely like this article, and you can leave your suggestions in the comments. If you are searching for more exciting articles like this, please continue to visit our website regularly. We post the latest and trending articles every day on our platform.

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