Legend Meaning in English?

What The Legend Meaning in English

It is the time of the year again when many people are asking themselves what does “Legend” mean in English? We will be answering that question for you, so that you can know what the word means and how it has changed over time.

What is the Legend Meaning in English

The Legend of Zelda is a popular video game series with many installments. The word “Legend” in the title of the game is often used to describe the protagonist, Link. “Legend” can be translated to mean someone who has had an important deed of honor or bravery done to them that they are often regarded as mythical or unworldly.

A Brief History of the Legend

The legend itself is unclear, but it is most commonly associated with the fifteenth-century Serbian epic poem “The Lay of the Nymph who would not tell her Name.” The story takes place in a land where many unquiet spirits dwell, and the protagonist must cross these spirits by traveling to an incredible castle.

The Legend in Different Languages

The Legend of Zelda is an action-adventure game series created by Nintendo in 1987. Its plots primarily involve a sword and shield and a magic item called the Triforce, which grants  the wishes of the one in possession of it. It has been ported to every significant video game console since its release
The Legend in English: “The Legend” is a novel written by Marie Lu and the first book in the Young Elites trilogy. Many fans of the book and author would argue that “The Legend” is not just a novel and series, but also an influence on what we view as modern day legends.


It should be noted that the legend of the first alphabet means nothing to those who do not speak Arabic and Hebrew, and it has no significance for them. The tradition of the first alphabet is a very old one — it could have been an Arabic or Hebrew man who brought it to Egypt or other parts of the world as a gift.

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