How to Tell If Your Pokemon Card Is First Edition

How to Tell if Your Pokemon Card Is First Edition

There are a few ways to tell if your Pokemon card is an original. One way is to look at the signature of the artist, printed on the card. Another way is to see the copyright symbol on the bottom of the card. In this blog, learn how these two things can help you determine what year your Pokemon card was made, and thus whether it’s first edition or not!

What are the Some of Some of First Edition Pokemon Cards?

Many people will tell you that their Pokemon cards are either first edition or foil. There’s a lot of confusion out there on what differentiates a first edition from a regular card, so here are some of the things your card could have that lead to the speculation that it’s a first edition card.

How to tell if your pokemon card is first edition

There are several ways to identify a first edition Pokemon card. Some methods used are found in the top right corner of the card, like if there is a holographic border around the card, if there is an “Exclusive to GameStop” stamp or other unique markings. Another way to identify if your card is first edition is by looking for what color it has on the back. The only colors that were available in first edition cards are yellow and gold.

Factors to consider while determining if your card is a first edition

Listed below are a few factors that can help you determine if your card is a first edition.
The first resource you should look at is the year of publishing on the back of your card. If it says 1997, then it is most likely a first edition card.
Also, there were only 20 cards made in each set, so if you have an error or don’t have any from one of the sets, then you most likely have a first edition.
Lastly, the front cover will always say something about “1st Edition” on it somewhere – either on the top left corner or bottom right corner.

What are the Different Types of Pokemon Cards?

First Edition Pokemon Cards are the first release of the Pokemon card series. They were released in Japan in 1996. The cards came in packs of 10, with a Jumbo Card and a booster pack included. They feature holofoil and gold foil that stand out from other cards in the series. First Edition Cards are considered to be extremely valuable and sought-after collectors items.

Should you buy a card online or offline?

There are many different stats you can use to determine whether or not your Pokemon card is an original. However, the best way to tell is by checking the copyright date on the bottom of the card. If it says “1995” then it’s definitely first edition.


There are many ways to tell if your Pokemon card is first edition. The most reliable way is to look for a holographic, or silver foil, stamp on the back of the card. A serial number with a sequence of four numbers (like 4/423), followed by a two-digit number in blue ink is also an indication that it’s a first edition card. Don’t rely solely on these features, though; some people may be able to make fake holograms or blue numbering on cards

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