How to Tell If a Pokemon Card Is Fake?

10 Simple Ways to Identify a Real Pokemon Card

Though there are a few different ways to tell if a Pokemon card is fake, this blog article provides 10 different tips that can help you identify a real card from a fake!

Some Common Signs of Fake Pokemon Cards

If you’re buying Pokemon cards online, it is easy to get scammed. There are many sellers of fake cards online and the most common signs of a fake card is that it doesn’t feel like you’re actually holding a card. Some other signs to look out for are an overly large image, an image with no text on the back, and images with questionable quality.

What to Avoid When Buying Shops

There are many people who will try to sell you fake pokemon cards for a lot of money because they are unaware of the value or quality of these cards. Buying these cards can be lucrative but it is important to know what to avoid so that you don’t get scammed. The most obvious way to avoid buying a fake card is to only buy from reputable shops. The next step would be identifying whether the card has an original hologram sticker on it, or if any stickers have been removed. If there are no stickers on the front of the card then one must use other means in order to verify its authenticity.

How to Buy A Pokemon Card Online

One of the most commonly asked questions in the world of Pokemon cards is: “Is this a real card?” If you’re in the market to buy a Pokemon card, there are certain things you should check before purchasing. The best way to do so is by getting an online appraisal tool that will let you know what your card is worth, and it’s easy enough that anyone can use it.


There are a number of ways to identify a real Pokemon card, but the easiest is just to ask. If you’re dealing with a suspicious vendor, ask for a scan of the back of the card that shows both sides along with a photo of the front. Or, if your local GameStop or Target doesn’t have any in stock, you can always go online and search for listings from reputable sellers.

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