How to Start an Essay About Yourself

None knows you better than yourself, but it might be pretty tough to write about yourself. One has to write an essay about yourself for colleges, scholarships, and jobs also. While writing an essay about yourself, everyone faces difficulties. This creates obstacles, and many people fail in writing a good article about themselves. 

Many times you also face seeing yourself in the same situations. Besides writing about your details and biodata, there are much more things to mention in an essay about yourself. For writing a valuable essay about yourself, you need to understand the methods and tips for it. This article covers all the issues related to writing an essay about yourself. 

How to start an essay about yourself 

To write a superb essay about yourself, you have to write an essay that describes you and your character. Here are some questions mentioned below, which you have to answer while writing an essay about yourself. 

  • Explain about yourself
  • Explain an incident or event which made a change in you and made you the person you are today. 
  • What are your goals for the future?
  • How can you achieve your goals?
  • When you failed and how did that failure affect you?

Some of the scholarship colleges promote this kind of question. Well, in some cases, people do not like to say many things about themselves. You might be one of them. You may not like bragging about yourself and do not like to share your personal experiences and stories with another person. However, opening up will show scholarship providers, colleges, and universities who you are and why you deserve their scholarships. 

9 best tips to start an essay about yourself for scholarship

List of questions

Make a list of questions that you can answer in your essay about yourself after reading the scholarship essay prompt, and breathe. For example, if the college or scholarship prompt asked you what barriers you had faced and worked to overcome them. In this case, you can make a list of questions like the following questions:

  • What is your family, financial, and school background?
  • What was complex or challenging about your background?
  • What is your biggest accomplishment?
  • How did achievements influence you to complete your goals? 

Think about these questions while writing an essay about yourself, and answer them in your article. It will help to explain your story and about yourself. 


After listing the questions, you need to brainstorm the answers. For this, you need a pen and paper, or you can also use documents on your computer. Do not forget to set your responses in order. 

  • Introduce the main essay. 
  • Try to answer 3 mini questions. 
  • Conclude the answer by rewriting the prompt response. 

Try to be vulnerable. 

Try to add your personal experience and stories in your essay about yourself. In this way, colleges will get to know that you are self-aware and how to improve yourself. Also, write honestly. It will make your essay about yourself more attention-grabbing. 

Give examples from personal life.

Personal examples will help your essay to look greater. This essay will be all about you, so there is nothing wrong with writing your examples. For instance, instead of writing “I am good at maths.” write “when I was in 8th class, my teacher, Mr. John William helps me to understand maths and because of his teaching math has become my favorite subject.”

Write in first-person. 

We recommend you use “i” and “me” in the entire essay. As this essay is about you, you can narrate a tour essay by yourself. This will make your essay about you more significant and exciting to readers. 

Don’t deviate from the topic.

Do not be afraid to do bragging in your essay. It is right. In this way, you can show your capabilities, strength, and determined character. But do not lose your trach; while writing an essay, remember to stay on your topic. 

Your personality 

Do not make your essay dry and dull. Show your personality because this essay is all about you. If you are a kind of funny person, add some humor to your article, or wear your heart on your sleeve, do not be afraid to shop emotions in your essay. Put your all efforts to represent your personality through your essay about yourself. 

Know your audience

Research scholarship providers if you are applying for scholarships. Research the scholarship provider, what motivates him, and what is unique about that college or university. For instance, many colleges are funded by some companies which sell products. You can mention the effects of that company in your essay to make the article more interesting for readers. 

Proofread and edit your essay

The last step is proofreading. By proofreading, you can mend your grammatical errors. For example, you can check that whether your sentences are making sense or not. Moreover, you will also get to know if your paragraph is not making flow. 

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5 simple steps to write an essay about yourself

  1. Try to write a story. Choose an interesting story from your memory. This story is like a moment which had happened with you in past time. You have to write about a specific moment of your personal life. It could be related to getting a job, losing a friend, or being met in a car accident. 
  1. Follow the guidelines and instructions given by your teacher and tell the audience about your future goal, which means why you are writing this essay and how your work explains to the audience. 
  1. The best way to get your readers’ attention and make them read your essay till the end is to know or define them. Think about their interest and expectations. The best paper will grab their attention from the beginning. 
  1. Brainstorm your future ideas. It is not simple to do, that is why we mentioned some way for it. Read them carefully before proceeding to the 5th step:
  • List: make a list of your ideas on a paper. Make a group of them by re-reading the thoughts. 
  • Freewriting: free write for 10 minutes, and then check what you have written. It is a simple but efficient technique. 
  • Clusters:  it is a kind of graphical technique. It would be best if you drew the connection between the ideas and topics. Then describe the links. 
  • Questioning: ask questions about the selected topic and answer them in detail 
  1. Make a detailed outline for your future article. The more you write in it, the less time you have to spend on the document. It is a simple way to save time—Rember to keep the essay in the correct format. 

Structure of an essay about yourself

The correct format is to write an essay about yourself is to write the easy in three parts. First, a detailed outline is the main thing to write in an essay. It will describe the main idea of your essay about yourself. Read below for a better understanding:


To make your essay attention-grabbing, you have to begin your essay with an introduction. No one will read your essay if you write boring and extraordinary words in your essay. Therefore, the introduction should consist of a thesis statement that will give the main idea of your essay about yourself. 

Body paragraphs 

Divide your essay into several paragraphs according to the words; these paragraphs are called body paragraphs. This will make your writing more logical and straightforward. Besides, try to write your essay about yourself in chronicle order. 


This part will sum up the entire article and describe your essay with fewer words with logic. Please do not write it too long. Writing it less than half of a page or half of a page would also be acceptable. 

8 great tips for writing an introduction 

We all know about the introduction paragraph. This paragraph consists of an outline statement and thesis statement, which helps understand the main idea of your easy about yourself. To write a better intro, you can apply these mentioned tips.

  • Instead of mentioning the thesis statement at the end of the opening paragraph, write it starting. 
  •  If you are writing a story related to a well-known personality, add some quotes to show the article. 
  • You can quote distinguished people who shared their witty ideas. They could be sportsmen, filmstar or political personalities. 
  • Provide information in background support in a literary way like professionals. 
  • Add some humor by joke in your essay if your story is not dramatic. 
  • Another way to grab attention is by Unveiling a common misconception.
  • To write an essay about yourself, try to use some literary devices like metaphors and allegories. 

Superb tips for personal writing 

Writing about yourself is not a difficult or complex task. It is straightforward if you follow the given guidelines and instructions. Do not add heavy vocabulary words in your essay. Use simple and easy languages. Avoid using idioms, which you cannot understand. Ensure that your story should be according to the prompt. If you get a prompt from a teacher or any educational institute, try to mention a personal story in your essay about yourself. 

To make your essay look more valuable and exciting, add the following points or instructions in your article about yourself. 

  • I am starting and ending the story. 
  • Individuals who participated in plot development 
  • Story conclusion impacted by specific subject and object
  • Details about described episodes, which a writer could remember. 
  • Do proofreading several times to mend your grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors. 

Things to not do while writing an essay about yourself

Some things make your essay disgraceful. Moreover, they can harm your text also which you mentioned in the paper about yourself. So we have said the things that you should avoid while writing an essay about yourself. 

  • Do not write an essay without the correct structure. 
  • Do not mention fake stories
  • Do not explain your entire autography 
  • The worst thing is to note cliche stories. 
  • Do not write unnecessary and unrelated details 
  • Be humble, do not boost 
  • Do not add curse words or comments
  • Not just write that situation, but also Explain what you feel about that circumstance. 

15 fantastic topics to write an essay about yourself

  1. Personal fears & their roots
  2. My best friend
  3. Describing favorite meals
  4. Discussing the home pet
  5. Explaining the reasons to love Christmas
  6. The best color of the personal root
  7. The craziest life in a life
  8. Project a treehouse of your dream
  9. Most preferred outfit and what it stresses
  10. The most curious thing about the writer
  11. Interpreting your name
  12. Discussing favorite book or movie
  13. Describing the dream place to attend on holidays
  14. Explaining the career of your dream
  15. A something you would like to invent

Sample essay about yourself 

Here is an example or sample essay about yourself. I hope this will help you in better understanding. 

“When I was in my teen years. I wanted to study at California university to get higher education, but unfortunately, a problem arose. I was not good at English which is why my grades in English were not good. However, I am working hard to score better in English. 

At that time, my whole family and friends supported me a lot. That time was very challenging for me. I think I would not be able to learn English without the support of my family and friends. I made a schedule. I woke up early in the morning and went to school; after returning from school, I learned grammar rules. Sometimes, I keep on learning instead of hanging out with my friend in the late evening. I took help from various sources to improve my English, including books, novels, and the internet. I was glad that I had some friends who were native speakers; they helped me a lot. They also helped me with my college homework several times. These all efforts give result in high score in English. My English teacher came and praised me that I am improving. At that moment, I felt like I could fulfill my dream of studying at California university. 

Now, I am studying at California university, and I will get a grade in a familiar field. I want to be an English teacher. I know it sounds a little awkward or impossible. However, there is nothing impossible with goal determination, hard work, and interest.”

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