How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay

In schools or colleges, students have to perform different tasks, and one of the most common is writing compare and contrast essays. Writing compare and contrast essays generates a contradictory feeling among students. To begin a compare and contrast essay, one must understand its purpose and focus on the article’s subject. The main feature of compare and contrast essay is that one needs to focus on two issues. A compare and contrast essay is about the differences or similarities of two subjects. To write compare and contrast essay, students have to look from a different perspective. 

How to start a good compare and contrast essay? How to make compare and contrast essays more attractive to readers? What is the purpose behind a particular compare and contrast essay? In this article, you will find all the answers related to compare and contrast essay. You will find a clear picture of the correct compare and contrast essay via this article. 

Compare and contrast essay, what is it?

Before starting a compare and contrast essay, one must know what it is actually. As its name sounds, the compare and contrast essay depicts the differences and similarities of two different subjects. Students also have to consider the correct selection of their topic to write compare and contrast essay in this essay. It is important to select the right topic to make comparing and contrasting articles more valuable and exciting. 

Students have to write on topics which are new or students can also argue with already exiting opinions. However, writing on a topic that has never come under comparison or contradiction would be best for you and new for the readers or audience. Therefore, before writing everything together in compare and contrast essay, You have to write this essay in two different paragraphs describing two subjects. 

Purpose of writing compare and contrast essay

Students get an opportunity to write about two things on the same paper through compare and contrast essay. Hence, you have to cover both subjects in thesis statements, topic sentences, and descriptive details. You have to explain the relationship between two issues to write a good compare and contrast essay. Students can write compare and contrast essays about information related to current events, political candidates, travel destinations, or products.

Way to write compare and contrast essay

     1. Brainstorming

The best way to begin compare and contrast essay is to brainstorm. Brainstorming means you have developed ideas in your mind. It will lead you to a high level of analysis. But, first, you have to create a mind map or Venn diagram to make concepts clearer about your compare and contrast essay subjects. 

Venn diagram is kind of two circles that overlap each other. One circle consists of ideas of the first subject, and another consists of views of the second circle. The joint section consists of similar ideas of both subjects. 

     2. Pick a topic

Before starting compare and contrast essay, think about the correct topic. You must pick a topic that depicts your ideas and writing skills appropriately. So. we recommend you choose issues that are easy to compare and contrast. 

     3. Outline statement 

After mentioning the thesis statement, you will have to write an outline statement to make your compare and contrast essay valuable and exciting for the audience. This outline statement is followed by the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The outline statement should be faithful. If your outline statement is excellent, then it will represent your essay in a significant way. 

     4. Introduction paragraph

The introduction paragraph should be firm and catchy for the audience or readers. The introduction should consist of information that takes readers’ attention and makes them more clear about your compare and contrast essay. There should be a hook in your introductory paragraph. The hook may be consist of a bold statement or interrogative statement. Answer that question in the other section. Rember to write a thesis statement at the end of the introduction. 

     5. Thesis statement 

Your thesis statement should act as an overview statement for your whole compare and contrast essay. Once you brainstorm about the entire article, you will begin to understand the primary relationship between both the subject of compare and contrast essay. This will allow you to write your thesis statement in your compare and contrast essay. 

     6. Body paragraph 1

You have to write a body paragraph after the introduction, which describes the first point of comparison between both the subjects. For instance, if your subjects are two different countries and your section is based on their social culture and traditions. Then you can start your body paragraph 1 by explaining the difference between the languages of both countries. After that, you have to write at least two sentences to explain the similarities and differences between both countries. 

     7. Another body paragraphs 

It is sufficient to write two body paragraphs in a compare and contrast essay. However, if you have many ideas, you can write more body paragraphs also. Therefore, we recommend you write 2-3 body paragraphs in a compare and contrast essay. Try to represent your ideas clearly with some linking words and connectors. 

      8. Conclusion

The conclusion is other required to make your entire compare and contrast essay graceful. In conclusion, you have to summarise the whole article, which illustrates the main ideas of your compare and contrast, therefore, doy. Do not add any new information in your conclusion. Moreover, do not make your conclusion too long. 

4 Tips for writing best compare and contrast essay

  1. Think about the structure of your compare and contrast essay 

It would be best to think about how many paragraphs you have to write with how many words. If you are going to write 6000 words, you need to make more paragraphs; however, if you like to write a brief essay, do not exceed words. The standard structure of writing compare and contrast essay is to write an introduction followed by body paragraphs and a conclusion. 

  1. Creativity is must

Try to be creative in your text. Write original content. Do not write sentences like, “I will tell you about this.” Instead of this writing according to the interest of your reader. You can ask questions like, “why people like to migrate to urban cities?” or “how migrants are contributing to the increasing population of urban areas?” thesis statement will also help make your essay more creative. 

  1. Facts or humor 

You can add historical facts and humorous stories, including jokes. 

  1. proofreading is must 

Once you are finished with writing, reread it to check grammatical and spelling errors. In addition, it will help you to check the flow of your article. For example, you can remove awkward sentences or pauses from your compare and contrast essay to prevent it from spoiling your entire content. 

how to start a compare and contrast essay

There is a difference between starting and writing a whole compare and contrast essay. Multiple students face trouble in creating compare and contrast essays. The following points will help you vanish your problem in writing the beginning of the compare and contrast essay. 

  • Explain your subject

provide the reader with some background information about your topic. Do not jump directly to comparing or contrasting. 

  • Explain the main point

Try to introduce your readers to the main idea of your compare and contrast idea via introduction. 

  • Strong thesis 

The thesis depicts one or two hooked sentences. The thesis is the only statement that defines the vital idea of the whole compare and contrast essay. 

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Structure of compare and contrast essay 

There are two methods or ways to write compare and contrast easy in proper structure and organized manner, mentioned below. 

  1. Block method 

If you are writing a short essay, this method will help you a lot. In this method, one must discuss the first section in detail before proceeding to the next section. Therefore, the number of points you will write will show several body paragraphs. 

  • Introduction: it will explain the subject, and the thesis statement will help you understand the main idea. 
  • Body paragraph 1: explain your first argument in a first body paragraph. 
  • Body paragraph 2:  escribe the 2nd idea or argument in 2nd body paragraph 
  • Body paragraph 3: discuss the first subject topic and show the differences and similarities between both issues with the help of body paragraph 1 and body paragraph 2.
  • Body paragraph 4:  review the 2nd idea and link it with the differences and similarities of both subjects.
  • Conclusion: neither repeat the same idea nor add new information in conclusion. Wrap up the entire compare and contrast essay. 
  1. Point by point method 

Point by point method is suitable for long paragraphs or essays. Such articles are divided into specific parts. Each part depicts one point and shows how it links with the main subject. Keep in mind that you have to use more than 1 paragraph for every issue you discuss using this method. 

  • Introduction: write both the subjects and explain them in the introduction. 
  • Point one: review the 1st point of both the subjects by comparing and contrasting.
  • Point two: repeat the previous step with 2nd point of the subject. 
  • Point three: discuss the 3rd point of a subject by comparing and contrasting. 
  • Conclusion: wrap the text you write in the entire essay. Rember, do not repeat the same information in the conclusion.


This article is composed of all the information related to compare and contrast essay. It is an essay that depicts the difference and similarities between two different subjects. We have provided you with some tips to make your compare and contrast essay the best. Moreover, many students do not know the correct format of writing compare and contrast essays; that is why we have also covered this topic in this post. Besides, you can also learn what is compared. Therefore, the and contrast essays are in detail through this article. The right way to write a compare and contrast essay is, to begin with, an introduction, thesis, clear body paragraphs, and short conclusion to give a final overview of the whole compare and contrast essay. 

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