How to mine Dogecoin on your Laptop or Computer?

Dogecoin, the famous meme coin that has gained so much popularity lately that even Elon Musk tweeted about it! Today, the value of One Dogecoin is $0.32 or ₹23.41. So many of you have even invested your money in Dogecoin. But do you know you can earn Dogecoin without any money?

Yes, you read it right! You can easily earn Dogecoin by using your Computer or Laptop, either it’s new or old! The term used for making Dogecoin or any other Cryptocurrency using a Computer or Laptop is called Mining!

The primary requisites for mining Dogecoin are any Laptop or Computer and a good internet connection! Your computer or laptop can mine Dogecoin easily while you are sleeping or working on anything else. You need to do some steps and run some processes. So let’s know how you can mine Dogecoin!

Below some points about Dogecoin!

  1. Dogecoin and its history!
  2. Steps to mine Dogecoin!
  3. How to get an address or wallet to store the mined Dogecoin?
  4. Is it reasonable to Mine Dogecoin?

Dogecoin and its history!

Dogecoin was basically created as satire to make fun of the speculations happening in Crypto Market at that time. It was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. It came into effect on 6 December 2013. Dogecoin gained popularity for its name and the logo having Shiba Inu, the famous meme Doge!

This famous cryptocurrency currently has a market value of 41.1B dollars. Of course, who thinks that this joke coin will have that much market value. But one of his co-founders, Billy Markus, sold all Dogecoins to buy a Honda Civic.

The Dogecoin network currently runs Defi or Decentralized Finance. Basically, it does not involve any intermediaries like Banks, Government, or exchanges. Lately, Dogecoin is also running on the Ethereum Blockchain network.

More than 129.5 Billion Dogecoins are in circulation. Every year about 5 billion Dogecoins are put into circulation for Mining.

Since the tweets by Elon Musk, Dogecoin has seen a high rise and has given very great returns. But recently, it got crashed after Elon Musk quoted about it in a show. Since then, mainly all the Crypto Market is down except for some Crypto Coins.

Steps to mine Dogecoin!

  • The first and most important step is to ensure that you have a good internet connection. Now go to your browser and search for
  • On the options bar, you will see Download. Now download this application on your PC or laptop.
  • Before using this application, you have to disable your AntiVirus to detect every mining application as Virus.
  • Now it will ask you if you want to mine using a CPU or Graphic Card. If your Laptop or Computer has a Graphic card, you should go for the Graphic Card option. If not, then go for the CPU option.
  • Now it will ask you for the token or Coin you want to mine. Check for Dogecoin and select it.
  • In the second option, it will ask for the address. Simply the address means the wallet, where you will get your mined coins. So how will you get the address? You need to create a wallet! It is explained in the below heading!
  • As you got your address, now copy-paste it and get started!
  • Now your Computer or Laptop will begin mining Dogecoins!

How to get an address or wallet to store the mined Dogecoin?

Here is your step-by-step guide to creating a wallet to store Dogecoin!

  • Firstly, go to Scroll down, and you will see ‘How to get started with Dogecoin.’ Click on the Wallet section option.
  • Now on this window, you will see two options – MultiDoge and Dogecoin Core. You have to go for the Dogecoin Core wallet as it stores the mined coins. MultiDoge only handles the sale and purchase of Dogecoin.
  • Download and install the Dogecoin Core wallet as per your PC or Laptop, like 32-bits or 64-bits.
  • Now open the application. Go on File and then Much receiving addresses. Now you will get a code. That’s your address. Copy, paste it into the window asking for the address in the Mineable application.

Is it reasonable to Mine Dogecoin?

Definitely, it is right to mine Dogecoin as it will surely give you some value if you sell. Also, it does not require many resources to mine Dogecoin, and it’s also not heavy. You can use your new or old Laptop or PCs to mine Dogecoin. On average, with a laptop having 8 GB RAM, it can mine around 3 Dogecoins in 12-15 hours.

So use your unused laptops and Computers to Earn some decent money!

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