How to Find Puk Code on Sim Card?

How to Find Puk Code on Sim Card

If you have a number of Sim Cards and have forgotten or misplaced the Puk Code, this article will show you how to find the code so that you can fix your SIM card.

Discovering Puk Code on SIM Card

When your phone is turned on, it sends a unique ID to your cellular provider. This ID is the Puk Code. If you want to find out what the Puk Code is and what it means, you can enter it into this website:

Where to find the Puk Code number

On the SIM card, you will find a Puk Code number. This is used to identify your SIM card. You will be able to find the Puk Code number on your Sim Card. You can also contact customer service if you need help finding the code as well as any other activation related questions.

How to check for the Puk Code

If your phone is constantly telling you that the phone is not compatible, it means that you have a Puk Code on your sim card. This code will be displayed when the chip in your sim card has been saved by someone else or when it has been tampered with. You can avoid getting a new sim if you know how to check for the Puk Code.

What is a Puk code?

If you start getting a service error code when you make or receive a phone call, it can be due to a blocked SIM card. The most common Puk codes are “P1141” and “P1274.” These Puk codes can be found on the Sim card itself.

What if I cannot find my Puk code?

You can also use an app. You can download the app called Puk Code Finder for free on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


The puk code takes a number from the sim card and uses it to locate various information about your sim. This is useful in case you need to retrieve your data or have a problem with your phone.

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