How Many Seasons of Hunter X Hunter Are There?

Hunter x Hunter, the anime series: how many seasons of hunter x hunter are there

Hunter x hunter is anime series based on manga; it is one of the popular anime series. Hunter x Hunter began in 2011, and the latest season ( episode) of hunter x hunter was launched in 2014. The creator of hunter x hunter is Yoshihiro Togashi.  The creator of “naruto,” another popular anime series, was inspired by Yoshihiro Togashi to create this series. 

The story of hunter x hunter was initiated by a boy named Gon Freecss. He was the son of  Ging. In hunter x hunter,  Gon Freecss finds his father well and alive; however, he thinks that his father is no more.  Ging was the best and fantastic hunter; even though ging left his son, gon, alone with his relatives and went on a journey fulfilling his dreams, gon became determined to become a hunter like his father.  Gon has to pass the “hunter examination” to become a hunter and eventually find his father to become a Hunter in his own right.

 How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there

Hunter x Hunter is one of the best anime series. There are a total of 148 episodes of hunter x hunter and six seasons with six arcs. Here is the list of hunter x hunter seasons:

  1. Hunter Exam (26 episodes)
  2. Heavens Arena (12 episodes)
  3. Phantom Troupe (20 episodes)
  4. Greed Island (17 episodes)
  5. Chimera Ant (61 episodes)
  6. Election (12 episodes)

There is only one Hunter x Hunter series. The manga currently has 390 Chapters. The series frequently goes on hiatus, and right now it is on hiatus as well, so it continues indefinitely. The show premiered in 1998. As for the anime, the very first anime adaptation was in 1999. This anime is considered to be one of the best of all time. The first season contained 62 EPs (up to the York Shin Auction). Then there were 3 OVA:

OVA 1: 8 EPs (Phantom Troupe)

OVA 2: 8 EPs (Greed Island)

OVA 3: 14 EPs (Greed Island Final)

So, this classic anime consists of a total of 92 EPs. They had to stop animating the series after the Greed Island arc because there wasn’t much content back then. It was decided to remake(from the beginning) the movie after ten years in 2011 with new animation quality, soundtrack, etc. The manga’s Election Arc is divided into 148 chapters in the 2011 version. They stopped animating at episode 148 after a significant arc finished since the manga is still ongoing but often on hiatus. Many fans believe the 1999 version is superior to the 2011 version. My personal preference is for the 2011 version. Nevertheless, a classic is a classic if that’s your first exposure to it. You won’t forget it. 

How many episodes of hunter x hunter are there on Netflix?

You can watch or stream hunter x hunter on Netflix as well. There are all episodes and seasons (till now)are available on Netflix. So you can take a Netflix subscription and enjoy watching all 148 episodes. 

What is the release date for Hunter X Hunter seasons 5 and 6 on Netflix?

Season 6 has arrived on Netflix on  Thursday, July 1st, 2021.  For confirmation, you could open your Netflix app and check-in your notifications. From there, you will find the release date of season 6 is 1st July. As of July 1st, Hunter X Hunter had not been found. It is not uncommon for anime to slip its release date. ‘Seasons’ are now scheduled for August 1st, 2021.

how many seasons of hunter x hunter 2011 are there

In 2011, there were 3 seasons arrived of hunter x hunter with a total of 58 episodes. As the anime’s fourth season has just been released on Netflix, we should look forward to seeing more of Hunter x Hunter in February/March 2021 based on the previous releases.

how many seasons of hunter x hunter are there in 2021

Hunter x hunter, anime series, has just 6 seasons till now, and the last season was released in 2014. After 2014, everyone is waiting for season 7 of hunter x hunter. But on Netflix, you can watch these 6 seasons. The first 4 seasons were released in June 2021 on Netflix, and till June 2021, Netflix has all the 6 seasons of hunter x hunter. 

how many seasons of hunter x hunter are there 2020

The last season of hunter x hunter was released in 2014; It was the 6th season of hunter x hunter. After 2014, there is no news regarding reassessing the new or next season of hunter x hunter. So, in 2020. There is no season of hunter x hunter. 

Can we expect to see more Hunter X Hunter?

The anime Hunter X Hunter ended abruptly in 2014, leaving only six seasons. The anime series caught up with the manga series, and Yoshihiro Togashi had to take a health break.

hunter x hunter season 7 countdown

According to recent sources, season 7 of hunter x hunter will release in mid of 2022, which means in September 2022. However, Madhouse himself has yet to confirm this. Last year, they released several anime series and films. But, instead, they are currently busy with other projects. As a result, the source material for an anime adaptation has already been exhausted through the last seasons. 

Is Hunter X Hunter complete?

Where the anime ended in 2011, the manga continues. However, as a result of Yoshihiro Togashi’s illness, chapters have been delayed for a long time, and it doesn’t seem there’s any movement or talk of continuing the anime. In my own opinion, I considered the ending of the anime as ‘the end’ because I was kind of satisfied with how it ended and didn’t wish to continue the storyline and be left with too many unanswered questions.

Technically speaking, it has not been completed yet.


To sum up, hunter x hunter has had 6 seasons till now with 148 episodes. Unfortunately, fans have to wait till 2014 for season 7 because the creator of hunter x hunter had a health break. Some sources reveal that the next season of hunter x hunter will be released in mid of 2022, which means in September 2022. Till then, fans have to keep patience and wait. 

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