How Long Does a Debit Card Refund Take?

How Long Does a Debit Card Refund Take?

Every day, people are taking advantage of debit cards to help manage their finances. However, this convenience comes at a small cost- the length of time it takes for your bank to process your refund. You might be wondering – how long does my card take to process? Find out the answer in this blog!

What is a Debit Card Refund?

A debit card refund is when your bank returns the money that you paid to borrow against the line of credit on your debit card. This usually happens because you pay off all or part of the balance on your card before it expires. The refund comes in the form of a check or direct deposit into your account. You can find out when your debit card is due for its next payment by visiting the website for your checking account.

When Do Refunds Happen?

Debit card refunds are processed automatically. The bank processes the refund and deposits the money back into your account within two business days after they receive all of the necessary information to process your request.

How Long Does a Debit Card Refund Take?

It may take up to 45 days for your debit card refund to be processed, depending on the bank.

What Are The Factors That Impact How Long an ATM or Bank Refund Takes?

The length of time that a debit card refund takes depends on a lot of variables. Factors that impact the time it takes for an ATM or bank refund to occur include where you are withdrawing from, who your bank is, and what type of information was given to the issuing bank for the transaction.

What is the Average Timespan for Debit Card Refunds in the U.S.?

In the United States, the average time it takes for a debit card to refund funds is 21 days. There is no set timeframe that a company has to process a refund request. Most companies will notify a customer via email or text message when there has been a refund issued.


The PCI DSS has a fraud liability shift that may affect the refund speeds of your debit card. It is important to realize that fraud can occur at any time, even after you have received your fraud refund.

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