Hola Meaning in English?

Hola: What Does Hola Mean in English?

When you hear the word “hola”, what do you think it means? Is it a greeting, an expression of gratitude, or is it just a word we say when we can’t be bothered to say anything more than hello? Whether you’re trying to learn a new language or you’re just curious about what your new friend is talking about, this article will give you the definition of the word in English. We hope that after reading it, you’ll be able to understand their entire conversation!

What Does Hola Mean?

Hola means hello in Spanish. It is also the name of an app that uses technology to allow free calls and texting through Wi-Fi, without any data charges. Hola means hello in Spanish. Hello is a word which refers to your greeting or hello. Hola is the Spanish word for hello and can be used as a verb or noun.

Hola Meaning in Spanish

Hola translates to hello in Spanish. It can often mean “hey” or “hi.” “Hola” means “Hello” in Spanish.

What Does Hola Mean in English?

Hello! What does Hola mean in English? According to Dictionary.com, the word Hola means: hello: a greeting consisting of ‘hola’ Hola means hello in Spanish. It is also the most popular search term used on Google Translate.


Hola means hello in Spanish. Hola is a more recent word for hello, which means hola in Spanish. It is derived from the name of the town, Holguín, Cuba. “Hola” is a greeting that can be used to say hello in several languages. The word “hola” entered English from Spanish and means hello. “Hola” may be written with a capital letter “H”, but the pronunciation is still the same.

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