Futa Meaning in English?

What Does the Futa Mean in English

Did you know that the word ‘futa’ comes from the Latin ‘futare’, which means ‘to deceive’? We’re sure you’ve heard this phrase before – but did you know that it actually has its own English word? Find out everything about the meaning of futa in English, with this blog article. This blog article explores the meaning of “Futa” in English, how it is used in Japanese, and what it means to those who are not familiar with it.

What Does the Futa Mean in Chinese?

The word “Futa” means both the penis and female genitals in Japanese. The actual English translation of this term does not exist without further context, but it is widely accepted that this term was originally used to describe a woman who has successfully had a phalloplasty (surgical reconstruction of the female genitals using artificial organs).

What Does the Futa Mean in Latin?

In English, the word “futa” means a female with a penis. In Latin, the word “futa” means 10. Futa is a word that describes when an animal’s genitals also changes in size. It is an uncommon word in Latin, but it is used to describe when the change in size takes place.


The word “futa” is a slang term for a transgender person. The word translates to “it” or “itself.”

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