70 Unforgettable Funny Superlatives for Yearbook

We welcome you all to a fresh and superb round of funny superlatives. Funny Superlatives help you create even more unique memories. Funny Superlatives Yearbooks allow us to keep track of our school experiences throughout time. Graduation is a busy time, so your funny superlatives should be enjoyable and straightforward to use. This includes everything from thank you notes and invitations to party preparations. Whether you see one other during the holidays or once every few years, as you become older, you’ll want to look back and remember everyone who helped make school fun. Find the Top 70 funny senior superlatives or make a list that makes everyone laugh so hard they cry. These suggestions will help you hold on to the memories forever.

Funny Superlatives Yearbooks are priceless keepsakes because of the beautiful photos and notes they include of all of your friends and memorable occasions. Your yearbook design can help you create lasting memories after you’ve come up with the definitive list of superlatives for your class.

  1. Always in the stupid fights
  2. Always changing girlfriends
  3. The J for Joker
  4. Adam and Eve like Couple
  5. 101% Party Ready
  6. Running from grounds and situations both
  7. Changed after meeting girls
  8. Always successful in anything
  9. Unfortunate happening person
  10. Lost inside

Funny Superlatives for Yearbook

Even if your work doesn’t make it to bestseller status, your funny superlatives list will. Students will talk about which senior will get honor for weeks if they do it well enough two or three times in a row. They’ll also attempt to deduce which new funny superlatives you’ve thrown in there.

To summarise, you’ll want to ensure that your list of yearbook accolades for seniors is top-notch… and that everyone else is, too.

I’m not sure why you’ve come. Let’s go right to the point. These 70 yearbook accolades were culled from the work of yearbook editors and writers.

There’s no shortage of timeless masterpieces to choose from. But, on the other hand, a few culturally relevant or tradition-breaking funny superlatives may be an excellent approach to thrill your pupils and distinguish your work. As a result, continue reading. We’re going to go for it full throttle.

  1. Always showoff to new cars
  2. Always trying to look like stars
  3. Always wearing new and stylish clothes
  4. Eagle Eyes: Eyes that can see anything
  5. Hair that looks killer
  6. Killer laugh
  7. Cutest Smile
  8. A new crush every week
  9. Never getting married person
  10. Tallest/shortest

Funny Office Superlatives

Let’s now move to another exciting round of Funny Office Superlatives. There are individuals in every office who, for a variety of reasons, stand out. They may be the most prone to being on time and being on time. It’s possible they’re the ones who come up with the most original suggestions during any given brainstorm. It’s also possible that there’s a colleague who is inexplicably absent from all searches. Giving out prizes to employees who have shown exceptional qualities may be a great way to have a good time at your company’s Christmas party with the help of Funny Office Superlatives.

The following collection of hilarious workplace funny office superlatives to bestow on your colleagues will help start the creative juices flowing.

  1. Beauty and brains
  2. Best bromance
  3. Best clique
  4. Cutest couple that never was
  5. Most likely to be on Catfish
  6. Most likely to drive to class
  7. Most likely to drop their phone in the toilet
  8. Most likely to have a child born addicted to Starbucks
  9. Most likely to sleep through an earthquake
  10. Most likely to survive the Hunger Games

Funny Office Superlatives

Everyone appreciates being recognized and rewarded for their efforts, particularly in the workplace. These 60 wacky superlatives are perfect for showing your workers how much you love them in a fun manner. 

  1. Coffeepot’s Best Friend – Whatever the time of day or night, you can find this employee where the coffee is. If you want to go all-in on the theme, get the award printed on a mug.
  2. The Early Bird – Who’s the first one to arrive at work every day? Isn’t it about time we showed them some love? Prize them with an alarm clock or gummy worms to match the concept of being an early bird!
  3. Five More Minutes – For the colleague who insists on having meetings at the hour, even though you know they won’t show up until five minutes after the scheduled time.
  4. The Empty Fridge Award – Giving out a prize to the colleague who always seems to know when the delicious foods are arriving.
  5. The Honorary Mechanic – In terms of how many times your coworker’s vehicle has been repaired, they’re almost mechanics by now. Having a golden wrench should make all of your vehicle problems go away.
  6. Gold Medalist – Everyone has a colleague who works out at lunch. Even if they aren’t Olympians, anybody who can work eight hours a day AND work out is deserving of a gold medal in our eyes.
  7. Appointment Maker – This individual, from acupuncture to the veterinarian, always has an appointment. Make a sign on their desk for them!
  8. The Private Concert Award – Give your colleague a music gift card as a reward because they have headphones on and are grooving out no matter what time of day it is.
  9. The Empty Desk Award – Whatever they’re doing, this individual is rarely away from their workstation.
  10. The Order Up Award – You know, for the gourmet colleague who’s constantly urging you to check out the new place down the street? They like checking out different restaurants or getting takeout for lunch.
  11. The Take the Stairs Award – You can work on the 2nd or the 20th level. It’s irrelevant. This colleague constantly uses the escalator. You may make a handbook on how to utilize your building’s elevators as a jokey reward for them.
  12. The Interior Decorator – Whoever has the cubicle that looks like it belongs on HGTV should get this prize. As a reward, could you give them a brand-new home décor item?
  13. Photo Album Award – Give this prize to the colleague with the most pictures on their work desk; it will be appreciated. Could you give them a new photo frame as a reward?
  14. Office Bestie Award – Give this prize to the colleague with the most pictures on their work desk; it will be appreciated. Could you give them a new photo frame as a reward?
  15. Loud Typist Award – You can hear this coworker’s keyboard from miles away, so be careful. Get them a humorous keyboard cover as a gag award.
  16. Celebration Award – Everyone else at work should take note of this colleague, who never misses a celebration, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just a random holiday. Purchase extra wrapping paper for them!
  17. The Clock Award – As soon as the clock strikes noon (or 5 o’clock) in either time zone, this individual is gone! They may be just early to everything. Give them a sarcastic prize for their wit and ingenuity.
  18. The Dish Destroyer – Honestly, the sink at work would be overflowing with dishes if this colleague didn’t exist. Make a hilarious award out of a sponge painted gold using spray paint!
  19. Take a Lap – Hats off to the colleague that constantly appears to be walking about and getting healthy, whether they’re counting steps or simply trying to get moving.
  20. PTO Prince or Princess – The colleague who goes on vacation and shares beautiful pictures on social media deserves this prize. This coworker does not have access to paid time off for dental work since they travel across the world.

Funny Senior Superlatives

Seniors usually get formal superlatives from yearbook staff. But the media office staff has created a new tradition: they now give the funny senior superlatives. The media office has awarded every senior a funny superlative since it fits their personality perfectly!

  1. Most likely, they will tell you that the exam “wasn’t that terrible.”
  2. Most likely, to not finish his study report.
  3. Because of his sibling, he will almost certainly have to rewrite his research report.
  4. Most likely to respond “neurons” to every question in a chemistry exam.
  5. Most likely to be familiar with the tea
  6. Most likely to do a fight for a parking spot
  7. Most likely to an argument with Professor
  8. Most likely to take a nap in physics class
  9. Most likely to argue (anything)
  10. Most likely to not reply to texts
  11. Most likely to get out of style for not completing tests
  12. Most likely to irritate everyone
  13. Most likely to do backbiting and opening secrets
  14. Most likely to get the latest gadgets
  15. Most likely to play music in full voice inside the class
  16. Most likely to download the latest movies from torrent
  17. Most likely to break every f*cking rule.
  18. Most likely share one earbud and share his playlist with other
  19. Most likely to get bones breaking
  20. Most likely to make alcohol in chemistry classes


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