Eye Roll Gif

The internet is full of funny gifs. Some are hilarious and some are… not so good, but they’re all the same – you know they make you laugh. But this article takes a different approach. What if there was an AI that could predict what type of gif people would like, and then use that information to create better ones? Now that’s something to grab your attention!

While it might seem like a small thing, eye rolls are a great way to express your feelings. In today’s society, they have taken on a huge role as a way to communicate certain emotions. In this blog article, I look at the history of eye rolling and why you should do it more often to make people feel better.

A blog article featuring 25 of the best eye roll gifs.

These gifs were chosen through the thousands of gifs on the internet. They were chosen by their quality and originality. The gifs made me laugh and had me rolling my eyes for all 12 of them! Eye rolling is a popular facial expression that makes you feel better about yourself. No matter what emotion people are feeling, there are plenty of Eye Roll gifs for them to express their feelings. This post has 12 of the best Eye Roll Gifs to inspire you when you’re feeling down and out.

The Benefits of Eye Rolls

Eye rolling is a helpful way to relieve stress, decrease anxiety, and lighten up a bad day. Eye rolling is also known for being an empathetic response to people around you who have done something annoying – whether it be because of the noise they are making or because of their body language. Just one look can make them feel so much better! Eye rolls are a tool that can be used during discussions to show everyone that you agree with what is being said, or to subtly let the person know they are off-track. One benefit of eye rolling is it is an opportunity for people to show empathy. Another benefit of eye rolling is it lets the other person know when you are finished listening so they can wrap up their thoughts.

Eye Rolling Gif for Social Media

You might think that it’s impossible to make eye rolls funny on social media, but most people underestimate the power of gifs. GIFs are one of the best ways to communicate humor in a succinct and unique way. Here are some of the most popular eye roll gifs for social media. You need to know how to roll your eyes in a GIF just right, so it looks realistic. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for everyone to become an eye roller. All you have to do is practice this skill and perfect the movement.


The eye roll is one of the most common and used gestures. It’s also one of the best gifs. Here are some of the funniest ones for you to have a laugh with. Some meme-worthy eye rolls make a comeback every now and then. This time around, we’ve done the research and found 12 of the funniest gifs out there that will have you rolling on the floor.

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