Different Types of funny trophy 

If you ever think or hear about the type of trophies, you will find that there are a number of trophies available for different events. But do you ever wonder about trophies that make people laugh? These kinds of trophies are called “ funny trophies”. Here, we are going to provide you with detailed information about the Funny trophy.

The funny trophy is the kind of trophy used to make a joke at someone.  For example, people used to give funny trophies to tease the losers of a particular game or match. Funny trophies are used to add some humour and enjoyment in the environment. Besides, it creates more enjoyment in various tournaments, games, or even at small house or business parties.

Funny trophy will add so much humour that a person will definitely get a belly laugh. These trophies are available in different shapes and sizes, as well as they are available for various occasions.

Funny trophy for various events 

Everyone celebrates the victory and achievements by receiving or giving trophies or prizes. But there are some people who like to celebrate their loss and mistakes also. For these occasions they receive or give funny trophies. Funny trophy is always for non serious moments or it is used to create humour. 

Mostly , funny trophies are given to or received by those who make serious mistakes in games or matches.  Giving a funny trophy is a really smart way to punish those who lost the game or commit any mistake during the game. By doing this, one can make the environment of the particular place more humorous and amiable. People do not feel insulted, moreover they receive funny trophies with smiling and laughing faces. 

How funny trophy used for making jocks  

Apart from making mistakes and losing games, funny trophies are also given to those who make the best jokes. Some people are really humorous and enjoy cracking jokes. These kinds of people used to compete by cracking jokes on various occasions like office parties, house parties and even at schools. Normally , funny trophies are given to poor performers but in this case, people crack jokes and give or receive awards for that. One who cracks the best jokes among others , he or she will get the funny trophy at the end of the whole occasion. 

For these kinds of occasions, people purchase funny trophies in different sizes and shapes. Normally, people purchase funny trophies from online sites like amazon or flipkart. One can share funny trophies with our family, friends or mates by playing games on special occasion.

Funny trophy Of Various Types!

the trophy is diverse as it has various types, it is quite complex to categorize the types of funny trophies.  Funny trophies are available at various online sites and applications. These funny trophies have different looks , appearance , size, colour and shape as well. Even though they have different names, sometimes these names of funny trophies sound weird. A trophy will make the situation more than funny. horse rear, toilets, bobblehead, and golden plungers are the most famous and well known. 

Here are 10 major  types of funny trophy

  • Horse’s Ass or Kick-Ass trophy
funny trophy

Idea of hore ass or kick ass trophy was not in the industry of trophy , but still it has a great demand by the public.Olympia has been expert in this trophy and creates some humour in particular events.  

This horse ass trophy ( funny trophy) was made up with resin . it is in white and cream colour,  the thick hairs of horse tail shows the funniest part of the trophy. A contrasting theme is created by orange base , on which the trophy is standing.

  • Bottom place trophy
funny trophy

Initially, this idea seems ugly and not very convenient. But, still it is used in various public and private programs. The height of this funny trophy is approximately 130mm tall and has a  pewter finish.  It has metallic looks and This trophy grabs attention by its middle position or figure and circular background.

  • Novelty Donkey Trophy
funny trophy

A picture of a donkey or donkey itself is a symbol of fun and teasing for everyone , from children to adults . That is why there is a novelty donkey trophy as a funny trophy for creating some laughter . This trophy was awarded by olympia is the most accepted funny trophy by corporates and clubs. It has a height of approximately 140mm tall. The head of this funny donkey is elongated and has a brown colour, in addition the focal point has become attractive because of the inflated mouth . This trophy has a metallic appearance and has a shield shaped background. It also have plate engraved on the bottom.

  • Mouse figure 
funny trophy

After donkey , a mouse figure trophy will be introduced. Mouse is the most famous animal as a cartoon , it is usually seen in most children comics and books. This funny trophy has a mouse head and has a human body of humans like arms and legs . This trophy really looks funny at Olympia in Australia.

This trophy is 145mm tall  and it is made up of resin and has a plated shiny gold colour. Besides, the thin tail at the back also gives it realistic comic looks. More humorous look is added by the crown and other objects.

  • Apple trophy 
funny trophy

This funny trophy displays comic illustration. It is an apple which is painted and placed over the mouth of a mug, which is too  painted in the same colour as apple. Besides, this funny trophy has a shiny and glossy surface , as a result it reflects the red colour of base, on which the whole trophy is stable. The height of this funny trophy is 150mm tall. It is a funny trophy with a simple funny look. This trophy will create a lot of humour. It can be used in any kind of party.

  • Witch trophy 
funny trophy

Witch is a character from children comics. It is also seen as a part of fairy tales and also has a negative character. This trophy is used to give someone who indicates the witch character. It adds laughter and enjoyment to the environment . The height of this funny trophy is 155mm. It is plated in golden colour with a shiny appearance. Along with this , the figure of which is standing on the golden table , which is too stable on the black base. The scarf and hanky of the witch is waving in the air. The base has a golden plate engraved on  it. It has conical cap on the top and witch is also holding broom. 

  • Math wiz rabbit trophy
funny trophy

Math wizard rabbit trophy shows absolute comic looks. As the rabbit is a cute and comical character. This figure is coloured in golden and has glossy looks with a lot of shine. It is a rabbit , which is standing on a round golden plated base. In the background, it has a ring-like shape with different mathematical numericals. The black base of the trophy gives the trophy its complete look.

  • Bobble butt
funny trophy

Bobble butt is a donkey standing on two front legs, it shows a donkey jumping and its tail is waving in the air. It is a great idea for a trophy to create a humorous environment.  The back of the donkey is bobbling and wiggling, it creates a lot of enjoyment among the audience. It has a sober look and base on which the whole trophy is standing.

  • Bobble Head Bulldog Trophy
funny trophy

Bobble head bulldog trophy is a great way of creating laughter among participants. It is most suitable as a fun trophy. It creates the ultimate funny looks in the mind of viewers and onlookers.The entire trophy is standing on the base which has an engraved plate. A plate also has some writing on it. The tongue is bobbled out the mouth of the dog and the belt in the neck shows that the dog is a pet dog.

  • Skunk trophy 
funny trophy

This trophy figurine is a squirrel with a twisted tail. The colour of this trophy is black and white. It is an amazing idea as a trophy to add more fun among individuals.This trophy is majorly for those who made serious mistakes or something else wrong.the upper part of the tail is white, while the bottom tail has black colour. Like other funny trophies, the skunk trophy is also standing on the base. 


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