Difference Between Reason and Excuse?

What is the Difference Between Reason and Excuse?

We all have something in our life that has caused us to feel disappointed in ourselves, whether it is a disappointing event, bad habits, or losing out on an important opportunity. However, when these disappointments mount up over time and become bigger than what they should be, they can create a negative mindset in which you are always seeing the worst in yourself. It’s not easy to change how you think about yourself in this way, but there are steps that you can take to overcome it.


There is a difference between reason and excuse. The word ‘reason’ means that something happened because of a specific cause, while the word ‘excuse’ means that someone has given an explanation for why something happened, but it may not be entirely accurate.

The Difference between Reason and Excuse

When somebody says “I can’t do something” they are using an excuse. When somebody says “I don’t have time to do something” they are using a reason. The first is about lack of resources, the second is about lack of priorities.

What is going on in your life that makes reasons an excuse?

People who create reasons to justify their actions are prone to giving excuses for things much more easily than people who have a strong sense of responsibility. In this way, both reason and excuse often play a role in our decisions.

Different types of excuses

There are a variety of excuses people make for a variety of things, ranging from somewhat legitimate ones to those that are completely ridiculous. Ultimately, the difference between a reason and an excuse is whether or not the situation would have been different if that person had made a better decision.

Tips on how to overcome the difference

The difference between reason and excuse is not always so easy to identify. The following are some ways you can identify the difference: 1- When you blame, deny, or rationalize your behaviors, it is an excuse. 2- When you take responsibility for your actions, it is reason-based.


What’s the difference between reason and excuse? Excuse focuses on what is not; reason focuses on what is. One of the most common mistakes that people make is to confuse a reason with an excuse. A reason is a logical explanation for a specific behavior or belief, while an excuse is a justification for why you should not have responsibilities.

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