Difference Between Presbyterian and Catholic?

The Difference Between Presbyterian and Catholic

Everyone has heard of the Roman Catholic Church and its many diverse traditions. But how about the Presbyterian Church? There are many misconceptions about this church due to its origins in Scotland. To learn more, here is an article that discusses the history of both branches of Christianity.

What is the difference between Presbyterian and Catholic?

Presbyterians believe each person has the freedom to make decisions for themselves according to their conscience. They are against using violence or coercion in any form to promote a religion, and oppose government interference with personal beliefs. Catholics believe the Bible is the word of God and it is not subject to revision. Catholic churches do not approve of divorce, abortion, contraception and gay marriage.

The differences between the Presbyterian and Catholic church

The Presbyterian Church was created in the Scottish Reformation in order to protect the individual. This meant that they could keep their congregations small, with less than 100 believing members. The Presbyterian Church only believes in Scripture and the authority of the Bible.

How did the Presbyterian church start?

The Presbyterian church was founded in 16th century Scotland by John Knox. The Presbyterian church unites many of the traditions and practices of Christianity. The Presbyterian church is a member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches and teaches its members to subscribe to a doctrine called “sola scriptura” which means that the Bible alone is the final authority for all matters of religion.

How does a Presbyterian church operate?

A Presbyterian church is a Christian church which makes use of the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Calvinistic doctrine. A Presbyterian congregation usually meets in a building called a kirk and other smaller ones within it. The officers of the kirk are elders or ministers that have been ordained by the Presbyterian Church. There is one minister for every three congregants, so each congregation has three active elders. The elder presides over corporate worship and carries out preaching duties. In addition to preaching, many members of this particular denomination also serve as pastors who manage individual congregations.

How does a Catholic church operate?

A Catholic church operates as a religious institution. Churches in Catholicism are divided into three groups: dioceses, parishes and missions. Dioceses and parishes generally have the same structure and operations, but missions still function independently. There is no central authority in the Catholic church, so all churches operate autonomously with their own decisions and arrangements.


Both Presbyterian and Catholic Churches believe in salvation by Jesus Christ. They both also believe that Jesus came to Earth to die for the sins of humankind. However, differences exist between the two churches. One is led by a hierarchy of bishops or clergy, whereas the other is led by an individual with no specific workings besides the Holy Spirit inside them. One believes that salvation can be achieved through good deeds and acts, while the other doesn’t believe in works at all.

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