Difference Between Methodist and Presbyterian?

Methodist vs. Presbyterian

Just like in many other aspects of life, religion is a constantly evolving topic with constantly evolving terminology. This article will cover the differences between Methodist and Presbyterian in terms of terminology and different beliefs, as well as how these two religions interact with each other (and what might happen if they were combined).

What is a Methodist?

The Methodist tradition is more informal than Presbyterian, with lay people taking the place of clergy in many churches. Unlike Presbyterians, Methodists do not have a formal confession of faith.

What is a Presbyterian?

Presbyterians are members of the Presbyterian Church in America. These Christians share a common history with Presbyterians, but their beliefs vary in many ways. Some Presbyterians believe in the sovereignty of God, while others are Arminian, which means they believe that humans have free will.

Differences in Beliefs

The Methodist Church believes in the entire Bible as the word of God and the teachings of Jesus. They also believe that God’s grace is given at baptism and is for everyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. The Presbyterian Church believes in a “headship” model where each individual has their own relationship with God and that they must choose to follow Christ by submitting to His leadership. There are many differences between these two churches and not one is better than the other; every denomination has its strengths and weaknesses.

Why do Christians have different denominations?

The Protestant Reformation and the schism that resulted in the formation of the Methodist and Presbyterian denominations, among others, was based on disagreement over key theological doctrines. These doctrines include the nature of God, salvation through faith alone, and Christ’s two natures.


This blog talks about the different views of the Methodist and Presbyterian churches. The blog post concludes that both church systems serve everyone in a way that is beneficial to their members.

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