Difference Between Javascript and Typescript?

Difference Between Javascript And Typescript

JavaScript and Typescript are both programming languages that allow programmers to use web pages or applications much more easily. While Javascript is a much older language, Typescript has much more features and is the recommended way of programming for future websites and apps. Find out what these two programming languages have in common and where they differ in this article!

What is Difference Between Javascript and Typescript

Typescript is a typed superset of Javascript intended for projects that require strong type checking, more expressive types, optional static typing, structure inheritance, and language-wide type inference.

How to write code with Javascript

Javascript is a programming language that typically executes on the client side of a web browser. It is used for various purposes, such as creating interactive websites, animations, and games. Javascript has been widely adopted and is currently the most popular programming language for developing web applications. Typescript falls under the category of languages that compile to Javascript.

How to write code with Typescript

Typescript is a superset of Javascript that makes coding with Typescript code more readable and faster than code written in Javascript.

Benefits of using Typescript

Typescript is a superset of Javascript, which means that you can use all the features of Javascript and still have typescript available to you. Typescript adds additional features to the language, such as type definitions and optional types.

Suggestions for using Typescript

Typescript is for people who want to use data types and variables, thus giving them much more control over their code. It’s also similar to Javascript, but has many other benefits that outweigh the negatives.


The biggest difference between Javascript and Typescript is the language itself. Javascript is more of an interpreted language, whereas Typescript is a compiled language. This difference makes big differences in what can be done with each language, as well as the speed that these things are possible.

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