Difference Between Classical and Romantic Music?

The Difference Between Classical and Romantic Music

In this article, you will read about the difference between Classical and Romantic music, as well as how these two types of music differ from each other. The article also mentions some defining characteristics of both, such as the defining instruments used to create a piece of Classical music and a Romantic song.

Brief History of Classical Music

Classical music began in 17th-century Italy. Romantic music on the other hand was developed in the early 18th century and began with German composers such as J.S. Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Bach’s compositions were known for their technical intricacy while Mozart and Beethoven’s were characterized by their highly emotional compositions. The 19th century saw a significant increase in romanticism, particularly after Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner made significant contributions to the genre. This era of classical music can be seen as ending in 1900 when composer Claude Debussy wrote “Jeux” also known as “The Children’s Games.”

Romanticism Period – Ode to Joy

This song is a musical representation of the study of Romanticism during the 18th century. It was written by Ludwig van Beethoven and published in 1804, and has been a popular tune ever since.

Lyrics of Classical Music

In music, the Classical period is regarded as a time when composers focused on instrumental music. In contrast, Romanticism was a far more vocal-based period of music that focused on lyricism and emotion. The most striking feature of Classical music is its use of melody.

Verses from Classical Music

Classical music contains many verses that are used in songs today. These verses contain short, but meaningful lyrics that work to convey an emotional message. Classical music is usually written with a single melody and it has one of the most recognizable melodies in popular culture.

Musical Instruments in Classical Music

Classical music has a variety of instruments that are typically found in the orchestra. This includes the flute, oboe, trumpet, and many others. There is also an emphasis on instrumental improvisation in this genre of music.

Comparison of Classical and Romantic Music

Romantic music is generally characterized as an uplifting and sentimental type of music that is often played during the day. Classical music, on the other hand, is typically known as a much more somber and melancholy style of music that is typically played at night.


When composing two similar songs, the classical composer will start with a melody and weight, while the romantic composer will usually use an existing melody as a starting point.

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