Did Bwhy Enson and Stabler Stop Being Partners

Stabler and Benson fall out.

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni were the real people who played the roles of Sabler and Benson in the TV show Named Law and Order. It was an American police crime drama show produced by Wolf Entertainment and created by Dick Wolf. Law and order were released on 13 September 1990 and completed its final and 20 seasons on 24 May 2010. 

Why did Stabler and Benson stop being partners?

In the police crime drama show Law and Order, Benson and Stabler came close to each other. They both have a unique bond for a very long period. But, after season 12 of law and order, the dispute can be seen between them. After season12, the stabler left the show without informing or telling the stabler. He did not even try to contact her again. However, in season22, he came back to her life under challenging circumstances, killing his wife, Kathy, by a drug kingpin whose organization Stabler had been investigating. He also gave him a letter because he could not speak that thing he had mentioned in the letter. However, the two did not share any information regarding that letter on the screen. 

What was the relation between stabler and benson?

Stabler and Benson were very close partners for the first 12 series of police crime drama show, law, and order. They have a unique bond. Stabler and benson were bestfriends. Moreover, they trust each other blindly. This is Benson’s longest relationship (with stabler).

They even promised each other to give one of their kidneys willingly if one of them needed them. 

Are beson and stabler in love?

Yes, stabler loves Benson.  As Benson and stabler were too much close, after knowing each other completely for decades. Stabler finally committed that he is in love with Benson. He accepted that he loved Benson on the Monday night episode of law and order. However, there is no romantic scene on the sow as fans expected.

Did stabler and benson ever date?

Well, no, they never tried to date each other. Stabler and Benson were best friends in the police crime drama show, law and order. Even stabler was already married, he and Benson flirted with each other willingly. Despite this, they never date each other. Instead, they remain close partners for the game. Even after the stabler and his wife got separated, nothing happened between stabler and Benson. 

Do Benson and stubler get together?

Yes, Benson and stabler get re-unites in show, law, and order. They got together again in season 22 of SVU and season 1 of “organized crime”.  Hargitay said, “there will be romance seen on the show” in a recent interview o 23 September 2021. In short, they re-united, and there will be romance “percolating” on the show because of Benson and stabler. 


To sum, Benson and stabler were very close to each other. Stabler left the show without telling stabler is the reason they stopped being partners. They trust each other completely and have a good friendship bond. Although, stabler committed that he loves Benson, but they never dated each other. However, they both get reunited in season 22 and episode 1 of “unorganized crime.” That is why Hargitay confirms in an interview that there will be romantic scenes that can be seen in upcoming episodes.

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