Creatures that are enormous than their normal category size!

You would probably know about Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinos for their giant size. And you may find them normal with their size. But what if I told you about an enormous frog, which can be 10X larger than normal frogs.

It would probably scare you with its size. Today, let’s look at a list of enormous animals sizeable than their species or sub-species.

Creatures with their colossal size!

1. Capybara

Image Source: Wikipedia

Rodents are considered among the smallest mammals in the world. We can think of mice, rats, squirrels, hamsters when the ‘rodent’ word comes to our minds, and also, we only think of their small size.

But Capybara is an exception with their vast size. Capybara is a giant rodent globally with a length that can increase to 5 ft and weigh up to 200 pounds. These creatures mostly live in South America and eat plants. Their natural predators are Anacondas, Cheetah, and, most significantly, humans. Although Capybaras are huge, they do not harm anyone until you try to get bit by them.

2. Giant African Land Snail

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Snails can easily be found in gardens and parks and are small in size, but the Giant African Snails are much bigger than their regular counterparts. Ginat African snails can eat 10X times more than typical snails.

Due to this, they are regarded as pests as they can eat more than 500 different varieties of plants and can harm your garden or park. They can also affect humans with their liquid which can carry parasites. Even after many eradication attempts, these snails are growing big in numbers.

3. Goliath Frog

Image Source: Wikipedia

We think of frogs as small-sized creatures, but The Goliath Frog can definitely change your perception of frogs. Goliath frogs are enormous than normal frogs or even bullfrogs.
They can weigh above 7 pounds and reach 13 inches in length, and length can double if legs included.

These frogs can eat snakes, turtles, other frogs, and even bats. The Goliath frog lives in the region of Central Africa and already are in decreasing numbers.

4. Giant Squids

Image Source- Google | Image by – Wikimedia Commons

Giant Squids are shown in movies several times with their vast size, which can even sink ships. Even, in reality, squids can reach humungous sizes based on a handful of pieces of evidence. Giant Squids can attain a length of 43 feet and weigh over 600 pounds.

According to sources, Colossal Squid species can weigh above 1100 pounds. We all wish these aren’t accurate sources as we know how much damage they can do after watching movies.

5. Leatherback Sea Turtles

Image Source: Wikipedia

Leatherback Sea Turtles are among the giant creatures that can be 9 ft long and weigh up to 1400 pounds. They can equal the size of a small car. Even reports of sea turtles with 2000 pounds are reported.

Sea turtles can live more than 100 years and prey on jellyfish for food. But due to increased human interference, sea turtles are also affected.

6. Nomura’s Jellyfish

Image Source: Wikipedia

Nomura’s jellyfish was named after its founder, Nemopilema Nomurai. These jellyfish are found between the waters of Japan and China. They can reach 7 ft in diameter and can weigh over 440 pounds.

This jellyfish is growing in population and even interrupts fishing ships. Another jellyfish with enormous length is Lion’s mane jellyfish, which tentacles can reach 121 ft in length.

7. Continental Giant Rabbit

Image Source: Wikipedia

The giant continental rabbit was bred for its size, and this genetic tampering has resulted well. Continental giant rabbits can weigh 55 pounds with 4.4 ft in length. The giant rabbits now compete with dogs as pets.

They were first reported in 1893 and then brought up to the USA from Europe.
Originally they were used for their meat and fur but now primarily serve as a pet.
Who will not love the giant bunnies with soft fur?

8. Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox

Image Source: Wikipedia

Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox is a bat, not a fox. However, its name has ‘fox’ due to its brownish color and face like a fox. It has a wingspan of 6 ft., which equals that of an eagle.

Luckily these bats are from the fruit bat family, meaning they only depend on plants for their food. Flying Fox bats are harmless creatures, but you should not tease or touch them.

9. Japanese Spider Crab

Image Source: Wikipedia

Japanese spider crabs live off the coast of Japan. They are named due to their spider-like-looking legs. Japanese spider crabs have 16 inches of the body, but their legs make them big. Their legs included with their body can reach 12 feet, making them scary enough for humans.

They can camouflage, and they live on the surface of the sea. Also, the Japanese Spider crab is the most giant orthopod species in terms of length. The chances of seeing one of these crabs in the ocean are rare.

10. Chinese Giant Salamandor

Image Source: Wikipedia

The regular size amphibians can fit in your hands, but not in the case of the Chinese giant salamander. The huge creature can be 6 ft. long and weigh 130 pounds. But you have to flip many concrete blocks in the ocean to find them.

They are exclusively aquatic animals and stay at the rocky bottom of rivers and lakes. Currently, they are endangered species as they are hunted down for exclusive food and medicine in China.

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