Clairvoyant Meaning in English?

What Is the Clairvoyant Meaning in English?

The word “clairvoyant” is a French loanword that entered into English from Persian. What does it mean? It means vision, insight, and foresight. The word “clairvoyance” has a more precise meaning of “the quality of having foresight.” If you’re a fan of English literature, then you know that a lot of the most well-known words in the language have been derived from words in other languages. Here’s a list of some key words for which we can thank Sanskrit.

Why is

In English, the word \”clairvoyant\” is related to clairaudience. In French, it refers to a psychic ability that allows the person using it to see into other people’s past and future. Clairvoyant means “window to the future” and is an English language term. The word is derived from the French word clairvoyant, which is a term that refers to a person that has paranormal abilities such as telekinesis or extrasensory perception. In the context of this blog, clairvoyance refers to those with psychic abilities such as those who use tarot cards for predicting the future.

What does it mean to be

This word has several different definitions in English. It typically is used to refer to someone who has the ability to see into another person’s thoughts without that person’s knowledge. This is what it means when people say they are clairvoyant. They are able to see into another person’s thoughts without them knowing about it. To be clairvoyant means the person has the ability to see any event that is happening in the future. It is also said that clairvoyance is related to your sixth sense, which is sometimes called your intuition.

How does the term

\”Clairvoyant\” is a term that is defined as someone with the ability to see the future. However, it is interesting to note that \”clair\” means light and \”voyant\” means seeing or perceiving. It also appears in French and comes from the name \”Claire de la Voisin\”, a medium during the 16th century.

How do meanings change across languages?

One of the most difficult aspects of interpreting a dream is determining its meaning. Dream meanings can, and often do, change depending on the language used to interpret them. The general interpretation is that those who see birth as a positive experience will have continued, more abundant births while those who see birth as dangerous or frightening will have fewer children.


In the end, it’s up to you to interpret the meaning of a given word or phrase as it applies to your life. You need to determine what typically happens in your life that inspires you and use that knowledge to find meaning.

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