Does Citi Visa Charge International Fees?

Does Citi Visa Charge International Fees

Citi has announced that the Costco Anywhere Visa card will no longer charge foreign transaction fees for purchases made when shopping abroad or on an international retailer’s website. Does Citibank charge international fees? Foreign transaction fee for citibank credit cards Typically the other credit cards available do not come with an annual fee, but do … Read more

What Is Home Depot Code Of Ethics?

What Is Home Depot Code Of Ethics

What are the core values of Home Depot? Our ValuesExcellent Customer Service. … Creating Shareholder Value. … Entrepreneurial Spirit. … Taking Care of Our People. … Respect for All People. … Doing the Right Thing. … Building Strong Relationships. … Giving Back. Can you have tattoos at Home Depot? 10 answers Home Depot allows tattoos … Read more