Beer Trophies: Description About Beer Pong Trophies and Beer-Drinking Trophies

Do you ever hear about a game named Beirut? If you never, then we are here to describe this game. Read the further article for more detailed information. Beirut is also known as a beer pong game. The beer pong game is popular among teenagers as well as adults. Beer game pong is played in both western and nonwestern countries. Even the winners also got rewarded with the beer pong trophy. Beer trophies are also used as a gift. You can give beer trophies to those friends who are madly in love with beer. This article is all about the beer-drinking trophies. Read the full article for detailed information regarding beer pong trophies. 

Beer drinking trophies

Beer is the most famous beverage drunk by all kinds of people. From teens to adults, everyone prefers beer over other drinks. Numerous people are furious about beers. These beer-drinking trophies or beer trophies are for the kind of people who are crazy about beer. You can see average people in the United States are addicted to beers.


If you know a friend or any close one, who loves beer, you can give a beer trophy as a gift to them. These beer trophies are also known as beer awards. You can quickly get these beer trophies from various online stores like Amazon or Flipkart. The price of beer trophies may vary according to their companies, size, and quality. 

You can get beer-drinking trophies in many varieties. If you search for beer trophies, you will see several designs. Sometimes these beer trophies seem so real that you will crave to drink them. Many times, you will find handmade beer trophies in online stores. Besides, you can also access customized beer trophies. You can also add some more features to your beer trophy. For example, if you like to add chocolate stout, amber lager, or any other specific part to your beer trophy. You can do one more thing to your beer trophy: insert any particular thing or object in beer trophies like bubbles.

Moreover, if you like, you can also insert items or objects on the top of the foam of beer trophies like a Chicken Wing Trophy or Bass Fishing Beer Pint. Even many beer-drinking trophies have a plaque or handle to hold them. Because of plague, you can set beer trophies on your desk in the office. Another best thing is that, if you want, you can also get your logo on the center of the beer trophies, or you will definitely get your name and logo on the plaque plate, which makes the beer trophy more interesting.

Beer pong trophies in a beer pong game 

You need some objects like a table, plastic cups, and ping pong balls to play this game. Along with this, you need some good skills like accuracy, eye coordination, mastery of setting targets. The beer pong game is also known as Beirut, six-cups, and ten-cups. You must wonder how one can play this game. 

In this game, you have to make 2 teams of 6 or 10 participants each. A player from team1 throws a ping pong ball across the table with the intention to throw the ball in a cup of beer, which is set at the other end of the table. If that player remains successful in doing this, a player from another team needs to remove that glass and drink the beer from that glass. In this way, team 1 makes his points and wins the game. The winning team got rewarded with trophies which are known as beer pong trophies or beer drinking trophies. Many people also call them beer trophies.


Beer trophies ideas

Multiple people like to play drinking games like beer pong games, that is why people like to keep pong tables at their homes. Therefore, they can play drinking games at any time at any event. That is why you need to reward the winning team and the best reward for beer drinking games would be beer trophies. Here, we are going to give you some ideas for your beer trophies. You can get the below trophies by searching on browse or online store/applications.

 Five best ideas for beer trophies 

1. Beer bottle trophy

Beer bottle trophy is one of the best rewards. It can be given as a reward at various events and occasions. This is one of the best beer trophies, which can be used in ping ball games, flip cups, Beer Olympics, Tailgates, Frat Parties, Beer Tasting Parties, and Golf Trips. You can also engrave your choice of logo or image on the center or get your name or customized logo on the plate. 

This beer bottle trophy is engraved with black brass. The weight and height of this beer drinking trophy are 11lbs and 22’, respectively. It has 5 engraved lines on it along with a golden imprint on the base in a square shape. furthermore, this beer trophy is made up of resin and solid wood. 

2. Beer Pong Tournament Award

This beer trophy is the best beer trophy to give as a beer pong award in a beer drinking game. This beer trophy features a red plastic cup, which is commonly used by people for drinking beer in their routine life. This red cup is standing on a black base. This base has some engraving on the front. You can get your choice of engraving on this. You can order a customized one for yourself. 

This is trophy weighs 2.1lbs with a height of 8’. Therefore, the size of this beer trophy is 2’ x 2.75’. It is made up of wood, plastic, and some aluminum engraved on it with some silver color. Along with this, it has a total of 5 lines engraved on it. 

 3. Beer Boot

Suppose you are the one who is looking for a beer trophy to celebrate fantasy football or baseball league. Then this must be the best suitable beer trophy for you. It has 1-17 ounce engraving with crystals, and 100% durability is because of fire-tempered work. The height of this trophy is ¾’ tall and the diameter of the top is 3”.

It looks like a boot made of glass, containing beer and foam on the top. It also has engraved in white color on the front. It is a kind of logo engraved on this beer trophy. You can get your own customized logo on it. 

4. Geometric Acrylic Flip-Cup Trophy

Geometric Acrylic Flip-Cup Trophy is the perfect beer trophy used for beer games and tournaments. This beer trophy has a perfect geometric shape, and it features red beer cups in the center. Along with this, this beer trophy is standing on an acyclic base with a black plate. 

The weight of this trophy depends upon its size. It is made of plastic and aluminum with a silver imprint. The height of this beer trophy is Small: 5″, Large: 6″. The engraving style of this geometric acrylic flip cup trophy is 1.25″x2.25″, 1.5″x2.75″. It has a total of 3 engraving lines. 

5. Beer Pong Champion Trophy

This trophy is a fantastic trophy to give as a reward in the pong ball game. It is a game played with plastic cups, ping pong balls, and beer in American states. It features red cups of beer and a ball in the center. It stands on a black base with silver letters. 

The weight of this beer trophy depends on the size you want. It is made up of plastic and aluminum. It also has a silver coating on it. The height of this beer trophy is 5.5″ and the engraved size is 1″x2.5″ with 3 engraved lines. 


To sum up, this article contains brief information about beer trophies. Beer trophies are the kind of trophies you can gift to your close ones who are beer lovers. Apart from this, you can use beer trophies as a reward in ping pong beer games. There are a number of beer drinking trophies. You can get your customized beer pong trophies too. We have mentioned the five best ideas for beer trophies for you in the article. You can get these beer trophies from any online store, or you can simply browse for beer trophies. Some several pages and websites are willing to sell the best beer trophies in the market at reasonable prices with fantastic quality.

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