Animals Who Can Kill Themselves!

Nature has given animals body parts that help them defend themselves, get food, or just for show. But those same body parts can sometimes hurt animals and even cause death to them. These body parts can include horns, teeth, fur, shell, and other body parts. As animals are helpless, they can’t even do anything to save themselves. 

Here is the list of animals who get killed due to their body features!

Animals who can kill themselves!

1. Buru Babirusa

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Buru Babirusa is one of the most unusual animals on our planet. It looks like a pig but has many different features. Buru’s are small with longer legs and arched back. Also, they no fur on their body. They are herbivores and drink clean water. Now coming to the point, how they can kill themselves. 

Male Buru Babirusa has fangs rolled towards their heads. These fangs tend to grow throughout their life. Unfortunately, they can grow so much that they can ultimately screw through their head, resulting in injury and sometimes even death. But mostly, their fangs are fragile and can get a break during a fight with other males. 

2. Raindeer

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Raindeer is not as fortunate as Buru Babirusa as their antlers are strong enough and don’t break easily. However, they are present to injure other animals and even kill opponents. 

During fights with other raindeers for females, they can cause death to themselves. As two raindeers fight, their antlers can get stuck with each other so tightly that they can’t separate from each other. 

With stuck antlers, raindeers can’t sit or eat or drink. This results in the slow death of both antlers. As they even fight on shores of water bodies, their bodies can get even freeze as a whole. 

3. Rams or Bighorn Sheep

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Rams are big creatures that can weigh more than 100 pounds. They look menacing due to their big rolled horns. These horns help them fight with other hams, save themselves from attacks, and injure the opponent. 

However, even though these horns are a weapon for them, they can result in their slow and painful death. Like raindeers, they don’t stick their horns with other hams. But, as they get old, their horns start to grow in the wrong direction. 

They ultimately begin piercing through their head slowly. This piercing results in either infection or death for rams. 

4. Sheep

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Human intervention is not always suitable for animals. For centuries, humans are breeding sheep for more profitable purposes. They are breeding sheep, which can get them more wool. Wild species can lose their wools quickly as compare to sheep mainly bred for wool. On the other hand, specially bred sheep can grow wool year-round without pause. 

This massive growth of wool on their body can become a curse to them. Longwool can lead to heat stress, problem in mobility, vision issues. Also, bugs and insects can get inside the wool, resulting in itching for sheep. Ultimately, sheep rub against trees, fences, which can lead to bleeding and sometimes even death. 

5. Turtles

Image Source: Wikipedia

The slow and sweet animal that almost all of us adore. They have a strong shell that can save them from predators. But, unfortunately, this same shell can become a disadvantage for them. Do you know why? 

Turtles can’t roll over if they are on their backs. Specifically, big turtles can’t do that because they have big shells. The shell’s height, length, and shape affect turtles’ ability to stand on their feet. 

Their shells are rigid and inflexible, resulting in no help to turtles. Accidentally flipped over its back, a helpless turtle can be killed by the sun, starvation, or fall prey to predators.

6. Sloths

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Sloths are very slow creatures, and this is the main disadvantage they have. This slowness costs their life more than any other animal. Sloths spend around 20 hours a day sleeping and only come once a week on land to defecate. 

Their slowness and friendliness can cause danger to them. Any hungry predator, either from air or land, can make sloths their prey. Sloths can’t even defend or run away from their predators.

Even the same size owl can make sloths its food. Sloths can sometimes die when they mistake their arm like a tree branch and try holding onto it, then falling to their demise.

7. Donkeys and Horses

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Donkeys and horses need a manicure. They need to get their hooves cut. Mainly, the increased hooves are found in donkeys and horses, which are kept as livestock and then get abandoned by their owner. 

The increased hooves can slow the speed of horses and donkeys and can also cause discomfort to them. Sometimes slow speed can make them fall prey to predators. 

Other animals can get into trouble if the temperature of any place gets lower as it becomes difficult for them to walk on ice or frozen lake. 

Bottom Line

I think it was interesting for you to read and know about animals who can get killed due to their features. It is very unfortunate for animals as they can’t help themselves. But this is nature. This is how it has made these creatures. 

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