Animals that make great pets and are kids friendly

We all love to have pets, and most of the time, we keep dogs and cats as a pet. But do you know why most of us want to choose dogs and cats as a pet? The reason for this is most of us know how to pet them after seeing other people, and also, they are accessible to pet.

But dogs and cats are not the only animals that we can pet. Instead, numerous other animals are more cute, economical, easy to a pet than dogs and cats. Today we will look at the top 9 Animals that will make good pets. And not just good pets but also are kids friendly. So your kids will be safer with them rather than being with dogs or cats!

Animals that will make good pets and are kids friendly!

1. Pot-Bellied Pigs

The cute pot-bellied pigs are among the top animals to pet. The reason behind this is the easiness to raise and train them. Also, like dogs, they are intelligent and can be taught many things.

This breed of pigs originates from Vietnam. They can weigh from 100 pounds to 300 pounds. They can live from 15-20 years, which will give you more time to adore them.

The breed of pigs is not like the perception we have about pigs. The species is neat, clean, and sanitary.
They can be taught about roaming unleashed, playing with toys. Even George Clooney had a pot-bellied pig as a pet for 18 years.

2. Lizards

Lizards are not much popular as pets. The reason behind this is fear of lizards. But if one makes them pet, they can be a perfect pet, economical and even your kids will be safe around them.

Lizards have many sub-species with different sizes, abilities, and colors. They need enough lighting, heating, and sustenance. Make them feel safe, and they will be just calm and normal.

3. Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are among the most loved and cute animals. If your parents don’t allow you to pet big animals, you can go with guinea pigs.

Guinea doesn’t need any special treatment, but they need to be out of captivity for some time of day. Also, if there will be a fellow guinea pig, they will feel happier. These cute little pets are friendly and easy to go along with kids.

4. Birds

Birds are beautiful creatures that need to be chosen after proper research if you want to pet them. Birds are among the oldest animals human has been keeping as a pet.

Although birds are somewhat not easy to train, they can be great companions if you teach them properly. Parrot as a pet can imitate speaking, and Cuckoo can chirp delightful sounds.
Choose a small-sized bird if you have kids in the house to be safer around small birds.

5. Tortoises

The cute, slow, and shelled animal that most people adore. Tortoise can make a good pet if you are not an adrenaline-filled owner. Turtles spend more time in the water, and tortoises spend the most time on land.

Although tortoises need special attention and exceptional food for them, keep in mind the maintenance a turtle can cost. The best thing about them is they can live for decades so you can keep spending time with them. As a slow animal, the tortoise will be a safe option if you have kids.

6. Fishes

Fishes are not just good food but can also be great pets. Fishes are among the most pet creatures in the world. You can pet a fish as they are inexpensive, low maintenance, and a suitable option for your kids.

Fish are although short-lived animals. Their different species, colors make them a showpiece of the house.

7. Rabbits/Bunnies

With wide ears, a short tail, and a furry body, you can’t just hate rabbits until you are a vegetable farmer. Although rabbits are cute, tiny creatures with high intelligence, Rabbits need to train well not to create a mess in the house or run away.

Rabbits can live in the house or the cage but need to keep free for some time of day. If you are thinking of petting just one rabbit, you have to keep engaged with them for a lot of time. So try keeping two pets to save some time.

8. Rats

Rats are mostly considered unclean and scary, but rats make good pets. They need to be trained with love. Also, special attention should be given to their health and diet.

Rats are very much friendly, low-maintenance animals. In the presence of rats, your kids will only feel happy and not even a bit unsafe. Same as rabbits, rats need to be kept in pairs as they are active animals.

9. Miniature cows

Miniature cows are somewhat new in the category of pets, but they can become a good pets. These little cows are low on maintenance but need proper care. Due to their small size, kids can pet them and play with them.

The prices of these animals can be high but surely worth it. Miniature cows can be an indoor pets, but you should give them an open environment due to their nature. You can think of them as big dogs but more gentle and easy to train.

Bottom Line

You have your list of animals that will make good pets and even are kids friendly. Dogs and cats are not included in this list as they are already known to most of us as good pets.
Whenever you think or decide to pet animals, try to think about your requirements and available resources first, then do proper research—different factors matter before owning any pet. Never buy any animal after listening to someone or a pet shop owner.

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Thank you for reading!

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