9 Zombie- Creatures that really live on earth!

You all probably have watched Zombie movies. Those movies show how human can become a zombie and what happens afterward. But do you know, Zombie really exists? And even science has proved it!

Yes, they do exist but only in animals and insects. Thanks to god, there are no human zombies that exist. Actually, certain parasites or other organisms can infect some species of animals and insects, which lead to them losing senses and control, over there mind.

Let’s have a loot at creatures who can turn to zombies and live on Earth among us.

9 Zombie Creatures That really live on Earth:

1. Killifish

Killifish in California has been found to be tainted by a parasitic worm known as fluke. When the fluke appends itself to the fish, it changes the degree of serotonin being delivered in the fish’s mind, and that leads it to continually swim up to the outside of the sea, to be accessible for birds to go after it. 


Imagine this parasite can attach to humans, how it would create a mess all over the world! This is too dark even to think!

2. Sex Zombie Frogs

This one is extraordinary! Yet, similarly as gross. A parasite named Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis causes (when it possesses a body) male frogs’ mating calls to change into more appealing ones. Presently, please wait for a minute or two; I realize it doesn’t appear to be too terrible up till now! But, when that happens, the frogs proceed to mate with female frogs carelessly! Too gross to even think!

3. Mutant Zombie Plants

As far as plants, there is a group of microorganisms named phytoplasma that possesses and makes plants transform. For example, microorganisms can make a plant develop leaves or something uncommon from its normal state. What’s more, at that point, it draws bugs to plant that will eat off of the plant and spread the microscopic organisms further.It can just go on spreading and can take terrible form.

4. Zombie Spiders

Some time back, zoologist Philippe Fernandez-Fournier alongside his associates, found that a type of Zatypota wasps can zombify creepy crawlies of the Anelosimus eximius species. The wasps do this to assume responsibility for the arachnids’ brain’s to make them host for their own offsprings.

5. Zombie Carpenter Ants 

So, for the most part, infections’ and parasites’ principle point is to spread and endure (I came to know about this from Resident Evil. A contagious parasite named Ophiocordyceps unilateralis makes ants carelessly climb onto a leaf and in a real stand by until they die by hitting the ground. That is the means by which the parasite spreads further through different insects eating a similar plant.

6. Zombie Rats

Alright, prepare yourselves, since it is going to get violent. So clearly, a parasite named Toxoplasma has been found to transform rodents into zombies. The parasite fundamentally incapacitates a piece of rodents’ cerebrums that eventually prompts rodents to get less terrified of their chief foes, felines. That’s right. The parasite makes them sort of brain dead.

7. Mud Crabs 

Mud crabs also among those unlucky creatures who get zombified. A parasite named Loxothylacus panopaei gets attach to their body. The parasite assumes control over the crabs’ bodies and uses it then as a host for its offsprings.

In particular, the parasite attaches itself to the crabs‘ sensory systems, and it turns out to be so entangled with the crabs’ bodies that once the cycle is finished, it is hard to isolate the two. Which is the way Loxo controls the crabs it dominates.

8. Pill Bugs

It’s the same with helpless minor pill bugs. A parasite known as acanthocephalan assumes control over their bodies through their food (BTW, just bird crap). When the parasite takes control over their cerebrums, it causes them to do cray-cray things, for example, make themselves significantly more apparent to their hunters.

9. Cockroaches

The hated creature named cockroach is also the victim of being zombified. And the animal to do this is the wasp. In this evident story, the wasp’s toxin delivers the cockroach unfit to move. Yet, in the wake of being hauled into the wasp’s refuge, the cockroach keeps on living despite its mid-region being embedded with the wasp’s eggs.

The hatchling later brings larva, which eats the as yet living yet weakened cockroach from the back to front. Finally, after a month, the developed wasp takes off from the crime location, abandoning just a spoiling corpse.

So these were the creatures that can become zombies but really can’t affect human life. Although they either become a host for other creatures’ offsprings or die under their control. 

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