7 Tools To Make Streaming Easier And More Fun

Streaming services have gained massive attention from people nowadays. People become addicted to these streaming services because shows released on these platforms bring unique content and thrilling crime stories. The most recognized platforms for streaming movies and shows are Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

But we face many issues while streaming like we don’t find the show easily we are looking for and other issues like the honest user reviews and genuine ratings of a web show. Here, we will read about the tools and tips to make your streaming process easier.

The more significant number of streaming services accessible now means there’s more stuff to enjoy, more platforms to watch this stuff and a growing number of tools and add-ons that can enhance your viewing experience beyond what Netflix, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus already provide.

These out-of-the-box features may enhance your favorite streaming apps in a variety of ways, from calculating how long a binge-watching session would take to selecting something to watch at random.

Just Watch

If you have specific content that you particularly want to watch, JustWatch will tell you which streaming services currently contain the show or movie you are looking for. It uses databases of Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, YouTube TV, etc., so you always know where to watch certain content.

In addition, if the movie or series you are looking for can be rented or purchased digitally, JustWatch can direct you to the corresponding platform (for example, Amazon, Apple, or Google online store).

Can I Binge?

Before you sit down and start playing a new show, it’s helpful to know how much time a show will take from start to finish; you may be looking for something that can be completed in a week, but an epic story can take months to watch.

Binge is the perfect platform to know about the duration of a show, and it will also tell you about how many episodes you need to watch daily, weekly, or monthly, so you can control the pace of watching it accordingly. For example, if you want to spend a month watching Twin Peaks, you have to adjust to two episodes a day.


When you want to watch some content on streaming apps together, you can’t always be in the same physical space with other people. This is where we need this tool, called teleparty. It was previously known as Netflix Party; this browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge can set up a virtual party in minutes and synchronize content between all services, including Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO Max.

It also includes a chatbox, so you can discuss what is happening with your friends or family. The primary function is free, but if you give the developer $5 a month, you will unlock the ability to use emoji in the chatbox and participate in real-time voice chat to get a more intimate feeling.

IMDB Ratings

If you are concerned about a movie or web show, whether it’s worth watching that show or movie, you can use this platform for honest ratings and genuine user reviews. IMDB contains all the movie data in it, and you can search for any movie from the past years. What I really like about IMDB is that you can find other similar shows of the higher rating and same genre available on various streaming platforms.

Whether you want to look up an actor’s name or find out when a movie or show first aired, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) remains one of the best tools on the web for serious streamers. 

You may use IMDb on your laptop or phone to access a variety of information that can help you choose what to watch (genre categories and user ratings), keep track of your viewing (the watchlist tool), and explore behind the scenes of movies and shows (despite its name, the site covers everything on the small screen, too).

Play Something

This is one of the latest features of Netflix, which selects shows or movies based on what you usually watch. Currently, it is only available in the Netflix Smart TV app for selected users (check the navigation menu on the left to see if it is one of them), but if you don’t have it, it’s similar to Chrome’s Randflix. Edge can fill in the blanks-it adds a random button on each show page, which will start a random episode of the show. 

Similar tools can also be used for other streaming services: Hulu Random Episode Button is a browser extension for Chrome and Edge that can be used with Hulu, and Zero’s website can randomly select Disney Plus movies.


Reelgood acts as the command center for all its registered streaming services. This tool covers all the platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max, allows you to track the content available for each service, including content that has just arrived and content that is about to be released. 

You can use Reelgood to search for new movies and web shows, and you can track everything you’ve watched so far. We especially like the Reelgood roulette function, which selects films or programs for you to watch based on filtering conditions such as genre and ratings. This is perfect for when you are looking for new things.

Netflix Codes

This only applies to Netflix, but it’s good: the Netflix code gives you access to a series of some undisclosed categories that Netflix uses to sort its library, from documentaries based on different sports to new experimental movies. All you need to type the URL “www.netflix.com/browse/genre/” in the address bar of your browser, along with the category code.

Netflix codes allow you to easily view available content (with direct links to categories, so you don’t need to enter anything). In addition, these codes can direct you to content that would otherwise not be discovered, such as martial arts movies to movies based on children’s books.

These are the most accessible tools which are currently used for making the streaming experience better. You should try all these tools if you want to get informed about the latest movies and shows streaming now and on which platforms. You can also get information about the upcoming web shows. Please let us know if you liked the article or not. Please don’t forget to write your suggestions in the comment section and stay with us for more exciting and interesting topics.


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