48+ Double Meaning Questions Guaranteed to Shock Your Dirty Mind

Have you ever faced a situation where you felt embarrassed because of any double-meaning questions? If so, we will be showing you some of the naughty questions to train your dirty mind. Then, Funnyooze.com will help you to make a true gentleman with some tricks and tips. And this is the first trick to train your mind and become a gentleman from a dirty mind. Here, you will get some of the best double-meaning questions that you will solve in amusing and seductive ways. 

Every one of these double-meaning questions comes with a clever solution. As a result, it requires a thorough consideration of your choices before responding. To have more fun and laughs, you may either answer the questions on your own or with someone else.

Q1: I’m hot and evil, and I like getting stuffed with wood, but only once a year do someone goes down from me. Do you know who I am?

Answer: fireplace

Q2: What’s the best part of your special one’s body to lick honey from?

Answer: Fingertip

Q3: When I come, you come to the door and bend down. Guess what I am?

Answer: A newspaper fallen on the ground

Q4: Some men keep me standing after using, and some used to relax me down. Guess what I am?

Answer: Wiper

Q5: When I am big, your girl screams harder, and when I am smaller, she doesn’t react. Guess what I am?

Answer: Cockroach. 

Q6: Every woman wants men’s ____ on them. These things start with the letter “P.” 

Answer: The pupils of men’s eye

Q7: I am an animal, and dirty people love eating with a peg of whisky? 

Answer: Duck

Q8: When I get wetter, people then start moving inside? 

Answer: Bathtub. 

Q 9: When I hold your hair, do you get in form and perform better?

Answer: A hair tie

Q10: I once allowed over a thousand men in before something long and rough ripped me open. Do you know who I am?

Answer: The Titanic.

Q 11: You use when you need and when you don’t need you to try to avoid me?

Answer: Restroom. 

Q12: You day all day and night when you are in love. Do you know what it is?

Answer: S__.???? Not exactly. The answer is Text messages. If you completed the word with S, then you have a dirty mind, gentleman. 

Double Meaning Questions to Ask a Girl

Q 13: You love buying a new variety, but when it comes to using. Do you love removing soon? 

Answer: Face mask

Q14: You kiss me once, and I do not respond to it?

Answer: Lipstick

Q 15: What do you love licking but are afraid to lick?

Answer: Icecream

Q 16: It feels so good because I was awaiting it so long. Do you know what I am talking about? 

Answer: Movie date

Q 17: If I taste you, I will realize how much have I been starving. Do you know what I am talking about? 

Answer: Food

Q 18: No matter how you approach me, you can always relax with me. Do you know who I am?

Answer: Bed

Q 19: What is it about men’s voices that are more resonant than those of women?

Answer: Their antenna.

Q 20: What can you discover in a man’s trousers that women will never have?

Answer: Pockets

Q 21: A thing which is on a man’s pants and women don’t like on their face?

Answer: Wrinkles

Q22: What is something that is kept below the belt that their special one loves to blow?

Answer: Money

Q 23: What has a woman that makes her wishes true and started with V? 

Answer: her voice

Q 24: My shaft is very lengthy. I usually begin with the tip and always bring a quiver. Who or what am I?

Answer: Arrow

Dirty Mind Test Questions

Q 25: I’m stretched out before getting devoured. Your tongue irritates me. Occasionally, people lick my nuts. Who or what am I?

Answer: Peanut Butter

Q 26: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s is very big. Michael J. Fox’s has a brief. Daffy Duck is not a human being. Madonna is without one. Who or what am I?

Answer: Surname

Q 27: When I enter, I have the potential to create discomfort. When you ask me to, I’ll fill your gaps. Additionally, I request that you spit rather than swallow. Who or what am I?

Answer: Your dentist

Q 28: Why do women place a higher premium on beauty than on intellectual development?

Answer: Because most men are stupid, but few are blind

Q 29: I develop in a bed, first white, then reddish, and the plumper I get, the more attractive I am to women. Who or what am I?

Answer: Strawberry

Q 30: I’m the focal point of many dates. I’m receptive when you insert your fingers deep inside me. Who or what am I?

Answer: A bowling ball

Q 31: What is brittle and hairy on the exterior yet soft and moist on the inside? The word starts with ‘c,’ finishes with ‘t,’ and contains both a ‘u’ and an ‘n.’

Answer: coconut

Q 32: What is famous in movies and start with P and end with ORN

Answer: Popcorn

Q 33: What four-letter word starts with the letter ‘F and finishes with the letter ‘k,’ and if you’re unable to get it, you can always use your hands?

Answer: Fork

Q 34: Briefs are what I do for a living. I’m a sly linguist with a lot of skills. I plead and plead and plead for it all the time. Do you know who I am?

Answer: A lawyer

Q 35: I’m excellent at providing security because of my strong personality. You eject me with your fingertips. Do you know who I am?

Answer: Gloves

Q 36: Using the wrong way may choke individuals and make it longer if pulled. When jerked, it also functions well. What else has all of these characteristics?

Answer: A seatbelt

Double Meaning Questions Special Edition

Q 37: Unless it’s groomed frequently, what’s lovely and natural but may become prickly?

Answer: The garden

Q 38: There’s one on every man, but it’s different lengths on different guys. One is given to the Pope, who never uses it, and a man gives it to his wife once they’re married.

Answer: Surname

Q 39: I help get erections. Giant balls have been known to dangle from me on occasion. My reputation as a heavy hitter precedes me. Do you know who I am?

Answer: The Crane

Q 40: In certain schools, students are given a rubber item to help them avoid making mistakes. This item exists to prevent blunders.

Answer: Erasers

Q 41: I’m a good six inches tall at the very least. When I get to perform my job, you enjoy it when it’s all drenched in foam. Do you know who I am?

Answer: A toothbrush

Q 42: What’s a pain to clean up since it’s so clumsy?

Answer: Feelings

Q 43: Who is the nudist colony’s famous chick?

Answer: Whoever can consume the final doughnut wins!

Q 44: How can five extra pounds of fat be made to appear appealing?

Answer: Put a nipple on it

Q 45: What does a cow have four of the woman have two of?

Answer: Legs

Q 46: There are moments when I feel like someone is pushing around inside of me with their finger. When you’re bored, you mess around with my stuff. The best man always has me first. Do I know who I am?

Answer: Your wedding band

Q 47: You like it and spend a lot of time thinking about it, but you despise the fact that your parents are doing it. What do you mean?

Answer: Facebook

Q 48: You find me before sleeping and play until you feel sleepy. Do you know what I am?

Answer: Your phone

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