21 Weird Things You Can Do When You’re Bored!

We all feel bored at some point in time; when we have no vital work to do, no one is around to talk. When we are just alone, and we have nothing to do. 

Then our mind starts to do look out for useless things to do. Sometimes we can’t even find useless things. So today, I will tell you about 21 Weird or ridiculous things that you can do when you’re bored or kill your time. 

21 Weird things to do when you’re bored or to kill your time!

Here is the list:-

1. Check if you can fit in your fridge – I think we all tried to fit in fridge in our childhoods but can’t do that. So if you are getting bored, you can definitely try that. But remember not to break your fridge or lock yourself!

2. Fill your rooms with balloons and then Pop them up- Try filing your room with 200 balloons. This activity will surely eat your time and consume your energy. Then to remove more boredom, pop those balloons. 

3. Spend a day playing ”Floor is Lava” – What will be more interesting than spending a day assuming your floor is Lava. How will you go to the kitchen or bathroom? This will be a fun activity to do and kill your boredom.

4. Try to Balance a playing card – It will be tough to balance a playing card! It will take hours to do; even you will get more bored doing it but assuming as a challenge, you will not stop until you balance the card!

5. Eat Spaghetti or noodles with a spoon – Eating Spaghetti or noodles with a spoon will be very hard. And if it will be a bowl of noodles, it will kill very much of your time. 

6. Spend an hour in slow-mo – An exciting thing to do to remove boredom. Try spending an hour being in slow-mo. You will get a great experience, and maybe you want to do that again. 

7. Disassemble and Assemble something – Most of us have dissembled our toys in our childhood, and we found that very fascinating. We can do that even now, but now we’ve to assemble the things back again. Assembling back again will be time-consuming and exciting. So try dissembling and then assembling a toy, tech, or anything!

8. Balance light switches on and off – Most of the ideas till now were performed by us in our childhood. The same is with this one. Try balancing light switches between on and off. It will take time, but you will surely master the art of balancing on and off!

9. Watch any movie in reverse – Watching a film in reverse! How about this exciting idea. And it will get more interesting if you watch any movie you’ve never watched. It will take more time to understand the plot and story.

10. Try licking your elbow and take a selfie – Licking your elbow is a tough trick to do. Few people can lick their elbow, but you can give it a shot. Also, while trying, take your selfies and after your efforts, see your disastrous selfies. 

11. Try painting famous paintings – Either you are a good artist or not, you can do the painting. Adding to it, try replicating famous paintings like or Mona Lisa and then ask on social media about your painting skills. It will surely be an excellent way to kill time. 

12. Try playing snake game with your elbow – You may be a master in playing snake game, but can you do that magic with your elbow. First, try your skills with your elbow, then see what will be your high score. 

13. Try drinking water from the bottle without the use of hands – Ever tried drinking water without your hands? Now you can try if you are bored or want to kill time. But be aware of no use of hands and try it in a safe place where water can’t make a mess. 

14. Repost a photo 100 times on Instagram – You may find it a fun activity, but your followers will surely unfollow or block you for this. So, try doing this thing at your own risk!

15. Try falling asleep in weird positions – Ever tried sleeping in an unusual position? You can do it now and gain experience whether it is possible to sleep in other positions than laying down. You can also provide a review to other people about this. 

16. Build your house replica using legos – Yes, you can make a house using legos, but can you make your house replica? It will be a fun activity do and will surely take some mind and time. After competing, you can even place the replica as a showpiece in your house. 

17. Imitate you favorite actor – Most of us have famous actor, but very few can imitate them. Are you one of them? If yes, you can master the art of imitating them. And if not, then try harder and harder imitating your favorite actor. Then, you will not get bored and even gain some acting skills. 

18. Try making a cringe tik-tok or Reel – Many people maybe already into this business, but you are not one of them. Then you can make a tik-tok or Instagram reel, but it should be cringe.

Even you should post it on social media and see people’s reactions. It will be an exhilarating activity to do, and you will not even get bored. 

19. Call & talk to your friend using song lyrics – For this activity, you should be a good song listener. Now, call your friend and talk to him in different song lyrics. It will get amusing for you, but your friend may get frustrated! You can even lose the friendship if your try again and again, so try at your own risk!

20. Reply to messages using your nose – Do you have any unread messages? If yes, then try replying to them with your nose but be aware that they should not be official messages. It will take a huge time to reply, but it will be amusing for you.

21. Speak backward – It will take time in your mind, firstly to arrange words in the backward direction and then speaking them. But it will be surely worth the time you spent when you record and listen to them again. Even you can send these backward messages to your friends and wait for their reactions. 

So these were some weird stuff or activities to do when you are bored. These all activities are told humorously. Try understanding sarcasm, and even you can try them but do at your own risk! 

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